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Basic data

developer DJ Delorie
Publishing year 1989
Current  version 2.0.5
(November 3, 2015)
operating system MS-DOS (-compatible), OS / 2 , 32-bit - Windows
programming language C.
category Compiler / IDE
License GPL
German speaking No

DJGPP is a free 32-bit IDE ( Integrated Development Environment ) for the programming languages C , C ++ , Objective-C , Ada and Fortran on 80386 -compatible PCs under MS-DOS or any other MS-DOS compatible operating system, the .EXE files can run, such as DR-DOS and FreeDOS . The programs developed can also run in 32-bit versions of Windows and in IBM OS / 2 within the DOS compatibility layer. Most current operating systems can also be used to provide a DOS-compatible environment using a DOS emulator . DJ Delorie started the project in 1989.

Structure and compatibility

DJGPP will include an executive version of the free C / C ++ - compiler from the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) and some other GNU - programming tools such as cp , ls , awk and sed that have been ported to DOS and there using the DPMI used can be. It uses a flat memory model in which the program code and program data in the working memory are not separated. The development environment is simple and can be easily expanded.

DJGPP provides the programmer with a programming interface that is compatible with ANSI C , C99 , various unofficial standards from MS-DOS environments and the POSIX standards from Unix environments. Therefore, DJGPP is also suitable for software developments under pure MS-DOS and compatible operating systems, if the generated programs are to be functional on different operating systems via cross-compiling without any other adaptation work.

Compiled, executable binaries also use the Windows 95 “long filenames ” , if available . The interface for using this is already provided as standard in Windows 9x and newer Windows NT ; For older Windows and for pure DOS environments, open programs are available that simulate the interface.


DJGPP enjoyed great popularity as a 32-bit compiler for DOS. Among other things, MAME (an emulator for arcade games ) and the well-known computer game Quake were programmed under DJGPP.

In the meantime, DJGPP has partly lost its role in porting UNIX programs to Cygwin and MinGW . The last beta version of DJGPP 2.04 also runs without problems on 32-bit versions of Windows and is better suited than the two alternatives if the developed or ported programs are also to be used under DOS.

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