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Dagmar Alice Liechti-von Brasch (born October 11, 1911 in Dorpat , † July 23, 1993 in Zurich ) was a Swiss doctor and nutrition reformer .

Sanatorium "Lebendige Kraft" = "Bircher-Benner-Privatklinik" = "Zurich Development Center". Chalet "Alice" (1906) and "Private House" (1925/26).

life and work

Dagmar Liechti-von Brasch was in 1911 as a subsidiary of the German Baltic landowner Arved Karl Leon von Brasch (1881-1953) and the Aarauerin Hedwig Alice Bircher (1879-1916), sister of Maximilian Bircher-Benner , in Estonia born.

In 1916 the mother died of pneumonia after giving birth to her fourth child. The father sent his three eldest children, Elisabeth Heim-von Brasch (1907–1996), Arved Konrad von Brasch (1909–1943) and Dagmar to Switzerland to live with their uncle Maximilian Oskar Bircher-Benner's family. In 1921 the father brought the siblings Elisabeth and Arved Konrad back; Dagmar stayed in Switzerland at her own request.

She studied medicine at the University of Zurich and was awarded a Dr. med. PhD . Her book on natural birth was published in 1942. From 1947 to 1980 she was chief physician at the Bircher Benner private clinic in Zurich. From 1953 she was co-editor of the Bircher Benner in-house magazine, The turning point in life and suffering, alongside Ralph Bircher (1899–1990) .

In 1958 she was in charge of the “ Pregnancy and Nutrition” section at the Swiss Exhibition for Women's Work (SAFFA) . Together with Werner Kollath , Karl Kötschau , Helmut Mommsen and others, she was a member of the scientific advisory board of the International Society for Research on Nutrition and Vital Substances, founded in 1954 by Hans Adalbert Schweigart .

She developed holistic approaches to hospital management as well as to the doctor-patient relationship . In her emphasis on the importance of presence for medical practice, she was inspired by Indian philosophy . She found her final resting place in the Fluntern cemetery .


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