Daudi Chwa II.

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The young king Daudi Cua.

Daudi Chwa II. , KCMG , KBE (* August 8, 1896 in Mengo , Uganda ; † November 22, 1939 in Kampala ) was the Kabaka (King) of Buganda in what is now Uganda from 1897 to 1939 .


Daudi Chwa was the son of Mwanga II , who ruled Buganda - with interruptions - from 1884. He received the name Daudi (in Luganda the version of the biblical name David ) when he was baptized.

After the British had enthroned Mwanga II, his one-year-old son was proclaimed the new ruler. However, the actual power to govern lay with the three British ministers, Apolo Kagwa , Stanislaus Mugwanya and Zakaria Kizito Kisingiri . On August 5, 1914, he was declared of age and from then on ran the official business independently.

After his death, Daudi Chwa was buried in the Kasubi Tombs . His son Edward Mutesa became the new Kabaka as Mutesa II.

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