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David Bichinashvili (also Davyd Bichinashvili , Georgian დავით ბიჩინაშვილი / Dawit Bitschinaschwili; born February 3, 1975 in Tbilisi , Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic ) is a German wrestler who also competed for Georgia and Ukraine . He competes in freestyle in the class up to 84 kilograms.


Until 1994 Bichinashvili started for his home country Georgia and in 1993 became vice European junior champion in the weight class up to 68 kg. In 1995 he won the silver medal for Ukraine at the Junior World Championships. Since 1997 he has competed in the senior sector. At his first world championship that year in Krasnoyarsk he finished tenth, at the European championships in Warsaw he was able to win the bronze medal. The following year, Bichinashvili was able to improve at the European Championships in Bratislava and won silver. In 2000 he started in Sydney for the first time at the Olympic Games and was 13th. 2001 he won the silver medal again at the European Championships in Budapest .

From 2003 Bichinashvili starts for Germany. That year he finished second, in 2004 first at the German Championship and at the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games in Athens . There he finished eleventh in his second start. In 2005 he was again German champion and fifth at the EM. In 2006 the athlete was again fifth in the European Championship and ninth in the World Cup. In 2007 he won another German championship and finished the World Cup in seventh place. The 2008 Olympic year brought the fourth German championship title and the third bronze medal at a European championship. With that, Bichinashvili qualified for the Olympic Games, where he finished fifth.

David Bichinashvili has been with KSV Aalen since 2009 , previously he was active for VfK Schifferstadt . The sports soldier of the sports promotion group Bruchsal is trained by Waldemar Galwas . Now he works as a sports teacher in the Realschule Plus Mainz-Lerchenberg.

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