Pilcomayo Department

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Pilcomayo Department (Formosa - Argentina) .png
Location of Pilcomayo in Formosa (Argentina)
Capital Clorinda
population 78,114 (2001, INDEC)
surface 5,342 km²
Population density 14.6 inhabitants / km²

Pilcomayo is a department in the Formosa Province in northern Argentina and is one of nine administrative units in the province.

It borders Paraguay to the north and east , the Formosa department to the south and the Pilagás and Pirané departments to the west . It has an area of ​​5,342 km² with 78,114 inhabitants and a population density of 14.6 inhabitants / km².

The capital of the Pilcomayo department is Clorinda .


The Río Pilcomayo National Park is about 45 kilometers west of Clorinda and is traversed by the Río Pilcomayo .


According to INDEC calculations, the population rose from 78,114 inhabitants (2001) to 93,160 inhabitants in 2005.


The Pilcomayo department is divided into a first category municipality ( Clorinda ), a second category municipality ( Laguna Blanca ), the two third category municipalities Laguna Naick Neck and Riacho He-Hé , the Comisión de Fomento Siete Palmas and the Juntas Vecinales Provinciales Palma Sola , Puerto Pilcomayo and Riacho Negro .

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Coordinates: 25 ° 18 ′  S , 57 ° 48 ′  W