Pirané Department

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Pirané Department (Formosa - Argentina) .png
Location of Pirané in Formosa (Argentina)
Capital Pirane
population 64,023 (2001, INDEC)
surface 8,425 km²
Population density 7.6 inhabitants / km²

The Pirané department is located in the south of the Formosa province in northern Argentina and is one of nine administrative units in the province. It borders the Pilagás Department in the north, the Formosa and Laishi Department in the east, the Chaco Province in the south and the Patiño Department in the west .

The capital of the Pirané department is the Pirané of the same name .


The most important river is the highly salty Riacho El Salado , the water of which is not safe for animals to drink. The rivers also flow through the department:

  • Arroyo Magaick Grande (negro)
  • Arroyo Magaick Chico
  • Riacho Negro
  • Riacho Pilagá
  • Riacho Monte Lindo , also Ibaguay
  • Riacho Monte Lindo Grande


The climate is characterized by hot summers, pleasant winters and a few cold days. The maximum temperature reaches 44 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature is 16 degrees Celsius. In a few years it fell to 5 degrees Celsius. The average annual rainfall is 1,100 millimeters.

Flora and fauna

The following hardwood trees are common in the vast mixed forests:

The fauna includes a variety of snakes, monkeys, capybaras, and birds. The following types of fish can be found in its lagoons, swamps and rivers: piranha, surubí, tararira. The armadillos, toucans, caimans and Pavo del Monte are in danger of becoming extinct.


The Toba's call in 1900 the lowland swamps, which from west to east, the then Department Estación km 595 (or 109 km) covering Puganagay ( Guaraní for: nice and green pastures ).

Due to a drought in the region, the fish in the low-lying swamps die as well as the crabs, frogs and toads. The Guaraní name Pirané ( Pira = fish; = smelly) refers to the spreading smell of fish in decay .

By national decree of December 7, 1927, the department is given the name Pirané.


According to estimates by INDEC , the number of inhabitants in the Pirané department rose from 64,023 (2001) to 69,406 inhabitants in 2005.


The Pirané Department is divided into five municipalities, two second and three third categories:

Coordinates: 25 ° 42 ′  S , 59 ° 6 ′  W