The black shark

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The black shark
Studio album by Kaisa



Label (s) Hell Raisa Records

Format (s)

2 CDs

Genre (s)

German rap

Title (number)


running time



Undercover Molotov , Baller Beats u. a.

666 (with Basstard)
The black shark Black Shark 4 Live

The Black Shark is the second solo album by the rapper Kaisa . It was released on August 10, 2008 with the help of Distributionz and Sony BMG through the Hell Raisa Records label. With 34 songs, the double album is Kaisa's most comprehensive sound carrier. Just like his earlier releases, this album was also unable to achieve a position in the charts.

Creation and concept

The double album is the fourth release by Jacques Linon, the bearer of the stage name Kaisa, in 2008. On March 14th, he released the street album Dorn im Auge and nine days later the Keine Wärme EP . The collaboration album 666 followed on May 30th together with MC Basstard , which is a re-release of Das Omen with four new songs. Kaisa worked for about nine months on Black Shark , which was released about two years after his first solo album. In the interview, he said about this time interval as follows:

I don't want to do a big project every year because my real albums take a lot of time to wrap up. The promotion, the videos and the advance also depend on it. That's why I publish my street albums in between, which I enjoy and which I also go on tour with. I don't want to downgrade any of my products, but still there is a lot more effort behind the big albums and the choice of topics is far more sophisticated. "

- Kaisa in an interview with Juice 10/2008

The pieces of music were partly created during a vacation in the Dominican Republic and in a suite that Kaisa rented with his sound engineer. Out of 38 recorded songs, 34 made it onto the album. The album title The Black Shark was already used as the song name on the first solo album Nixx for Kinda . The album was mainly produced by Undercover Molotov , Baller Beats , dESERTBeatz , and Syndicate Beats. The artist commented on the concept as follows:

In the end, I wanted to make a real rap record again. I don't see the track that I drive as hip-hop, even if many people perceive it that way. You don't hear any cheesy pitched soul samples from Dipset and all that standard shit . My music falls into its own category. The raps and beats are heavily influenced by the music of the eighties "

- Kaisa in an interview with Juice 10/2008

Track list

CD 1 CD 2
  1. War with the whole world - 01:30
  2. Minus zero - 03:01
  3. In full gear - 03:45
  4. Little Witch - 04:10
  5. Hard language - 04:54
  6. Fever - 3:57 am
  7. Star Catcher - 03:42
  8. Hell Raisa Generation - 03:05
  9. Nocturnal - 03:36
  10. All the way - 04:07
  11. Lord Of War - 3:30 am
  12. On bail - 3:28 am
  13. Kinda in power (feat.Hate monsters) - 04:01
  14. Scales of Fate - 03:38
  15. Miami - 03:34
  16. Black Hole - 01:15
  1. Message in a bottle - 04:43
  2. When You Have Money (feat. Skinny Al ) - 03:24
  3. Anarchy - 3:20 am
  4. Controversial - 03:49
  5. Ghostrider - 4:00 am
  6. The agent - 03:10
  7. Comrades Pig (feat. Fatal ) - 03:37
  8. Down Town - 03:25
  9. Black on White - 1:24 AM
  10. So bleak so sad - 03:35
  11. The Stranger - 03:23
  12. Make a wish - 04:59
  13. Time machine - 03:32
  14. The toddler looks grim - 03:27
  15. Starkstrohm - 03:18
  16. All clowns - 03:21
  17. Enough of you - 03:39
  18. Happy ending - 03:17


The black shark is the first release by Kaisa, for which a lot of emphasis was placed on extensive marketing. At the same time as the announcement of the sound carrier, the website was completely redesigned and optically adapted to the album illustration. A month before the publication, Kaisa posted an eleven-minute video statement on the Internet in which he spoke about the album for the first time and played a few songs from the album to the audience. A week later the complete track list was published as well as a snippet for the first CD of the album. A competition bridged the time needed to publish the snippet for the second CD and the music video for the song Minus Null . The director was Kaisa himself, the camera work was done by Volker Langholz and the video was produced by Victoria Siempre KG . Four days before the album was published, the rapper held a record release party in Halle , where he presented his album with the support of DJ Reaf . Two days later he gave a 90-minute autograph session in Chemnitz . After the release, the Anarchy Festival took place on November 1st, where Kaisa performed live with the Anarchy Clowns . The music video for the single Anarchy has already been shot. Furthermore, a Kaisa MP3 player is available , which contains 17 songs from the album as well as the complete live recording of the Anarchy Festival .

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