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The German directory is a thematic directory of the works of the composer Franz Schubert in chronological order, which was created by the musicologist Otto Erich Deutsch (1883–1967).

Every work by Schubert is assigned a D number in the German directory ( English D number or German number ). When designating Schubert works, the D number is often included, for example:

Since only a fraction of Franz Schubert's works were published with opus numbers during his lifetime , it is no longer customary to state these opus numbers; instead, the use of D numbers has become generally accepted.

The German directory was first published in English in 1951. A second, updated edition appeared in 1978 in German as part of the new Schubert edition by Bärenreiter-Verlag . The German directory is provided with note incipits of all works and movements as well as all available data on the origin, sources, editions and literature.


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