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db german construction newspaper

description German trade journal
publishing company Konradin Medien GmbH
First edition 1867
Frequency of publication per month
Sold edition 10,284 copies
( IVW  Q6 / 2012)
Widespread edition 31,272 copies
( IVW  Q6 / 2012)
Editor-in-chief Ulrike Kunkel
Editor Katja Kohlhammer
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ISSN (print)
Deutsche Bauzeitung 1868 Title.png

The Deutsche Bauzeitung (today: db deutsche bauzeitung ) is Germany's oldest trade journal for architects and civil engineers . It was founded u. a. by Karl Emil Otto Fritsch , Wilhelm Böckmann and Hubert Göbbels .


In 1866, Hubert Göbbels, a member of the Architects 'Association in Berlin, submitted an application, "whether a permanent connection between the local and those members of the association who have left Berlin could not be established, for example through weekly communications from the association." Göbbels' impetus was ultimately the impetus to found the Deutsche Bauzeitung. In the same year a founding committee was formed, which was composed of Wilhelm Böckmann, Hermann Blankenstein , Johann Eduard Jacobsthal , Felix Sendler , Hubert Stier and Hubert Göbbels. The aim was to become independent of the Bauwesen magazine , which was published by the Prussian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Public Works and in which the former organ of the association, the notebook, had been incorporated. Because the journal for construction only appeared quarterly, which meant that the association's announcements could not be made known promptly. While the founding day of the Deutsche Bauzeitung is documented for December 15, 1866, the first edition appeared on January 5, 1867 under the title Wochenblatt, edited by members of the Berlin Architects' Association . At the end of the year, the new organ of the association appeared with a circulation of 3,000 copies, at the same time it operated as the Deutsche Bauzeitung from 1868 .

The magazines Die Bauzeitung , Der Deutsche Baumeister BDB and baukunst und werkform were later incorporated into the Deutsche Bauzeitung . The building newspaper for its part appeared in the 1930s with the subtitle "United with Süddeutsche Bauzeitung Munich, Süddeutsche Baugewerks-Zeitung, German building certificate Stuttgart".

The db deutsche bauzeitung is currently a subscription title that appears ten times a year; the IVW- checked circulation is 31,350 copies. The magazine is published by Konradin Verlag in Leinfelden-Echterdingen . In early 2013, the journal Metamorphose. Building in the existing building taken over, which now forms an additional part of the magazine four times a year as db Metamorphosis .

Ulrike Kunkel has been the editor-in-chief since 2009.


In addition to architecture and civil engineering, the db deutsche bauzeitung also deals with interior architecture, design, interior construction, architectural criticism , building culture, building protection and building renovation. The target audience includes architects, planners, civil engineers in all industries, building construction authorities, construction and settlement companies, building construction companies and specialist engineering offices.

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