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The German Chemical Society of Berlin ( DChG ) was a specialist society of chemists in the German Reich .

The DChG was founded in Berlin in 1867 at the urging of August Wilhelm von Hofmann . The society saw itself as a professional organization and as a link between university and industrial research in the German Reich. Its seat remained in Berlin until the end of the Second World War, from 1900 in the donation-financed “Hofmann-Haus” at Sigismundstrasse 4. a. published the chemical journal reports of the German Chemical Society , which continues to this day under changing names.

The founding fathers included AW Hofmann, who was elected President of the constituent meeting and to the committee, Adolf von Baeyer , who opened the meeting, and Heinrich Gustav Magnus , Carl Alexander von Martius , Alexander Mitscherlich , Alphons Oppenheim , Carl Rammelsberg , Isidor Rosenthal , Carl Scheibler , Ernst Christian Friedrich Schering , Hermann Wilhelm Vogel and Hermann Wichelhaus - all of them important chemists, whether as researchers or entrepreneurs.

Since the German chemical industry by the role of IG Farben in the Nazi era had been greatly compromised, the DCHG was not continued under that name.

The Society of German Chemists (GDCh), founded in the western zone in 1949, sees itself as the successor organization of the DChG and the Association of German Chemists (VDCh).

In the Soviet occupation zone , the DChG was absorbed as a section in the GDR cultural association .


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