Hermann Wilhelm Vogel

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Picture of Vogel's obituary notice, published in Photographische Mitteilungen in 1898 .
Hermann Wilhelm Vogel's obituary notice December 17, 1898 in the Photographische Mitteilungen 1898 .
Vogel in 1864 and 1894

Hermann Wilhelm Vogel (born March 26, 1834 in Dobrilugk ; † December 17, 1898 in Charlottenburg ) was a German photo chemist and discoverer of color sensitizers for the true-to-life color reproduction of photographs.


Vogel went to school in Dobrilugk until 1845, where he then completed an apprenticeship as a businessman with interruptions from 1848–51. He then studied chemistry and physics at the Gewerbeakademie Berlin and was assistant to Karl Friedrich Rammelsberg and Heinrich Wilhelm Dove from 1858 and assistant to Gustav Rose at the mineralogical museum from 1860 . In 1863 he founded "together with a few friends the› Photographische Verein zu Berlin ‹", from which in 1869 the Association for the Promotion of Photography , which he directed until the end of the 19th century , emerged; from 1864 he also published the Photographische Mitteilungen (Berlin).

At the same time, he took over the chair for photochemistry at the Berlin Trade Academy in 1864 . In 1868 he was a member of the North German solar eclipse expedition sent to Aden and the Upper Egyptian expedition.

In 1865 he visited the photographic studios in Prague, Dresden, Berlin, Potsdam and that of Jacob Wothly in Aachen. He kept a diary of this trip. During this time he also joined the Société française de Wothlytypie and received the license to produce pictures using the new Wothlytypie process.

In 1870 he went to the Photographers' Congress in Cleveland ( Ohio ) and toured the north of the USA and Canada . At the end of 1870 he participated in the English solar eclipse expedition to Sicily and in 1875 in the solar eclipse expedition to the Nicobar Islands .

In 1876 Hermann Vogel was appointed by the German government as a member of the International Jury for Photography, Lithography and Oil Printing at the World Exhibition in Philadelphia . In 1883 he traveled again to North America . From 1872 he was chairman of the Association for German Arts and Crafts and from 1884 head of the phototechnical laboratory of the Technical University in Charlottenburg . In 1885 he was elected a member of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina .

Vogel worked with the photo chemist and inventor Johann Baptist Obernetter on orthochromatic processes that deliver images of colored objects in the correct tonal value .

Gravestone in the Old Twelve Apostles Cemetery in Berlin-Schöneberg

Vogel died of heart failure on December 17, 1898 at 9:30 am and was buried in the Old Twelve Apostles Cemetery in Berlin-Schöneberg. In his honor, the Vogelzeile in Spandau , Staaken district, was given its name on August 26, 1965 in a district in which the streets were named after pioneers of photo technology . It lies between the Meydenbauerweg and the Gruberzeile. The Vogel Glacier in Antarctica is also named after him.

Work, meaning and pupil

Vogel's research covers all areas of photography . Particularly noteworthy are:

From 1873 onwards he was more interested in spectral photography and spectral analysis , and in 1877 he also constructed a universal spectroscope . Vogel was a staunch advocate of the "Wothlytypie" named after Jacob Wothly .

Alfred Stieglitz is one of Vogel's best-known and most prominent photography students . Another important pupil of Vogel was Karl Schwier , who founded the German Photographers Association in Weimar .


Article in the Photographic Notes

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Article in the Polytechnic Journal

honors and awards

  • Honorary member of the Pennsylvania Photographic Society in 1870.
  • the title of professor in recognition of his effectiveness as a teacher at the Royal Trade Academy (1873).
  • Knight's Cross of the Franz Josef Order (1873).
  • the title of professor as a lecturer in photography at the Dresden Polyechnikum (1896).

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