German Angler Association

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German Angler Association eV
Founded October 23, 1954
Place of foundation Berlin
Members 220,000
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The German Angler Association eV ( DAV ) was an umbrella organization for organized anglers in Germany until 2013, alongside the Association of German Sport Fishermen (VDSF) . In June 2013 it was absorbed by the German Fishing Association (DAFV).

ID of the DAV of the GDR with contribution and donation stamps

The German Angler Association was founded on October 23, 1954 in what was then the GDR and followed the tradition of the German Workers 'Anglers' Association , which was founded in 1921 and dissolved by the NSDAP in 1933 . After reunification, regional associations were also founded in western federal states, as it was not possible to agree on a merger with the VDSF to form a single nationwide fishing club. After 1990, however, DAV and VDSF expanded their association area to West Germany and East Germany respectively. In 2013 there were around 170,000 members registered in the DAV (as of December 31, 2009) in over 15 state, two regional and five special associations, which have around 50,000 hectares of water available.

There was the national federations country Angling Association Baden-Wuerttemberg , National Association Berlin , State Angling Association Brandenburg , National Association Saxon anglers , anglers Union Bremen , State Angling Association Hesse , National Association of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern , State Angling Association Lower Saxony , Fishing and water conservation covenant Bayern , National Association of North Rhine-Westphalia , the country Rheinland-Pfalz , State Anglers Association Saarland , State Anglers Association Saxony-Anhalt , State Anglers Association Schleswig-Holstein and State Anglers Association Thuringia . The two regional associations were the Hanseatic Angler Association and the Association for Fishing and Nature Conservation Thuringia . The special associations were the Police Sport Fishing Association Germany , the Handicap Angler Association in Germany , the German Sea Anglers Association , the Royal Fishing Children's Aid and the Association of German Carp Fishing Clubs . The members of the DAV were organized in around 3500 independent associations.

The association has been involved in the election of the River Landscape of the Year since 2000 and in the election of the Fish of the Year since 2011 .

On March 9, 2013, the DAV unanimously decided at its general meeting to merge with the VDSF to form the German Fishing Association (DAFV). Some anglers in the VDSF suspected that DAV officials had been working with the Stasi , causing problems . In addition, the VDSF partially rejected the DAV's fishing competitions because it saw itself more as a nature conservation association. Members of the DAV, on the other hand, rejected over-regulation such as the night fishing ban. Various attempts to merge the two German nationwide fishing associations had failed since 1990 due to the personal dislike of the respective presidents.

Individual evidence

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