German Part-Bred Shetland Pony

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German Part-Bred Shetland Pony
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Important data
Origin: Shetland Islands / Germany
Main breeding area: Germany
Distribution: in Germany approx. 170 stallions and approx. 1000 broodmares
Stick measure : up to 112 cm
Colors : all
Main application area: Children's and driving pony

The German Part-Bred Shetland Pony originates from the Shetland pony , and is performed in a separate studbook in 1999.

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Outwardly, the breed resembles that of the Shetland ponies and is bred in the variants "Mini", "Original" and "Sporty". In contrast to the Shetland pony, the Part-Bred Shetland pony also allows tiger piebalds.


The German Part-Bred Shetland Pony is very calm and good-natured and therefore very suitable as a child or therapy horse.

Typically gelding

Breeding history

Since neither Shetland ponies of the sporty type nor tiger piebalds are allowed in the English dam book, the own breed German Part-Bred Shetland Pony was founded in 1999. The following breeds are permitted for breeding: British Spotted Pony , Nederlands Appaloosa Pony (Mini-Appaloosa), Nederlands Mini Paarden , and Shetland Pony .

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