The 11th cat

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Korean spelling
Korean alphabet : 열한번째 고양이
Revised Romanization : yeolhanbeonjjae goyangi
McCune-Reischauer : yŏlhanbŏnjjae koyangi

The 11th cat is a Manhwa by the Korean illustrator Kim Mi-kyung . In this, the Manhwaga describes the adventures of the magic student Rika, a clumsy girl who gets involved in incredible adventures. The 11th cat is a Sunjeong Manhwa in the fantasy style, which is mainly aimed at younger girls.


Rika is a student of magic who, however, is not one of the best in her class. Nevertheless, she dreams of becoming a royal sorceress. Since she needs a magic wand, she and her childhood friend Yujen, who is also at the magic school, go to a 500-year-old magician in the forest. However, he looks like a young girl and asks the magic students to solve a task. You should find a bag that the magician lost in the forest. In the forest, the two magic students who are constantly arguing, meet other people who are looking for the bag. On the one hand there is Kirik, top of the class at the magic school, who also needs a magic wand; as well as the grand master of the black iron who once owned the bag and wants it back.

In fact, Rika finds the bag. When she finally opens it, there is a black pearl inside from which a cat-like guardian spirit named Nomi hatches, who recognizes Rika as his new mistress. Together with the eternally hungry Nomi, Rika starts her first task. The black magician of the dark mountain has kidnapped the princess and Rika wants to free her. In doing so, however, she has to realize that not everything is always what it seems. Because in reality the princess and the black magician are in love with each other. And he only kidnapped her to save her from the arranged wedding with an old man.

However, Rika is in much greater danger from the apparently friendly black iron grandmaster. Because he is after an inheritance that once belonged to Rika's father, and which he bequeathed to her. Rika, who doesn't know her father, doesn't know anything about it. In the end, she is all the more astonished when she ends up in a magical book by her father about where the legacy is supposed to be.


The Manhwa was published from 2002 to 2004 in Bijou magazine by Sigongsa in Korea and comprises four regular volumes and one special volume. Of the stories contained in the special volume, only one has anything to do with the original story.

The series was published in English by ICE Kunion and Yen Press . In Germany, the Manhwa was published by Tokyopop from 2005 to 2006 .

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