Dieter Wolf (administrative lawyer)

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Dieter Wolf (born December 17, 1934 in Neuwied ; † August 22, 2005 in Bonn ) was a German administrative lawyer and government official. From 1992 to 1999 he was President of the Federal Cartel Office .


Dieter Wolf studied law. After being responsible for industrial policy in the Federal Ministry of Economics, among other things , Dr. hc Dieter Wolf transferred the management of the Federal Cartel Office in 1992.

Initially viewed critically, also because of his previous work, he showed that the independence of the Federal Cartel Office was very important to him. From this time the statement has been handed down that instructions from above are threatened to be "nailed to the bulletin board" in office - and he would not follow them anyway . He demonstrated this independence several times, for example in the case of the merger between Kässbohrer and Daimler, which was later approved by the EU, and in this case he even quarreled with the then Minister of Economics, Günter Rexrodt , who had announced the "German promise" to merge.

In the debate about the 6th amendment to cartel law, corresponding, high-profile actions by the President of the Federal Cartel Office meant that German law was less adapted to EU law than originally planned. However, Wolf was unable to assert himself by demanding that post and telecommunications be placed under the control of his office.

In 1999 he handed over the management of the Cartel Office to Ulf Böge , after one of his last projects was to move the authority from Berlin to Bonn.