Dietmar Hanke

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Dietmar Hanke (born August 2, 1957 in Greifswald ) was a football player in Stralsund and Rostock . For FC Hansa Rostock he played in 1977 in the GDR Oberliga , the highest East German soccer class.

Hanke joined the youth team of FC Hansa Rostock in 1971 from the army sports association Vorwärts Stralsund . From 1973 to 1975 he played for Hansa in the junior league. At the age of 17 he was used in the men's division, where he came on as a striker in the game of the second team of FC Hansa, represented in the second-rate GDR league , on September 15, 1974 against Dynamo Schwerin (1-0). Overall, he played three times in the 2nd team in 1974/75. In the 1975/76 season, Hanke played three point games for the 1st Hansa team, but also in the GDR league because the Rostockers were relegated from the league in the previous season. In the rest of the time, Hanke played with the 2nd team in the third-class district league Rostock . Also in 1976/77 he was a regular player in the 2nd team, which played in the newly established junior league after the first team returned to the league. He was used there in 17 of 26 games played as a winger both right and left and was top scorer of his team with eight goals. Towards the end of the 1976/77 season, Hanke was also used with the first team in the major league. He made his debut there on March 12, 1977 as a substitute in the match of the 18th matchday between FC Karl-Marx-Stadt - Hansa Rostock (3-0). His other league games completed on the 19th and 22nd game day, where he was only used in the second game over the full 90 minutes. At the end of the season Hansa rose again from the league. In the following GDR league season 1977/78 Hanke was only used in three point games of the first team during the first half of the season. In May 1978 he was drafted into military service. Since he did not return to FC Hansa Rostock, he achieved the following balance there:

  • 3 games in the GDR league
  • 6 games in the GDR League (1st team)
  • 3 games in the GDR League (2nd team)
  • 17 games in the junior league
  • 3 games in the GDR soccer cup (1st team)

Hanke did his military service again at Vorwärts Stralsund, whose team played in the GDR league. As a competitive footballer, he remained with the army sports community through the years of military service until the end of the 1985/86 season. After a transition period with the 2nd team, Hanke switched to the company sports club Motor Stralsund in 1987 , where he remained active as a recreational athlete until 1990.

Since 1997, Hanke has worked as a coordinator for sports projects and events in the Stralsund Sports Association. He is a member of the traditional team of FC Hansa Rostock.