Hanns Leske

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Hanns Leske (* 1950 in Berlin ) is a German sports historian and former Berlin local politician.


Between 1979 and 1999 Hanns Leske acted within the Social Democratic Party of Germany as a member of the district assembly of Berlin-Schöneberg and was parliamentary group manager and spokesman for building policy. After resigning from the party in 1999, Leske briefly appeared as press spokesman for the Charité between 2004 and 2005 , but subsequently devoted himself exclusively to various publications on GDR football .

Leske achieved national fame with works such as Erich Mielke , the Stasi and the Round Leather , Forward Army Football in GDR Socialism and the 2007 encyclopedia of GDR football . In his writings, Leske addresses the network of relationships between the SED and the MfS on the one hand, and the GDR football clubs and company sports associations on the other. In addition to the historical representation, his works contain extensive statistics on the national soccer team of the GDR and the divisions of the GDR Oberliga , GDR League and GDR League II . In contrast to Hardy Grüne's encyclopedia of German football clubs, the lists of clubs and players in Leske's works are not strictly relevant, so third and fourth-rate GDR district leagues and GDR second division players are also listed accordingly .