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The ASG Vorwärts Leipzig was an army sports community that existed between 1962 and 1974 and was best known for its football section.

The development history of ASG Vorwärts Leipzig described below is closely connected with the development history of the National People's Army of the GDR , in which the main training administration (HVA) of the Ministry of the Interior of the GDR and the barracked people's police played a decisive role. Since the ASG and its predecessors were mainly known through their soccer teams, the article is essentially limited to soccer events.


1950 to 1953

In 1950, the HVA established the Vorwärts Leipzig sports association . By 1952, the sports association experienced multiple renaming (see section Development at a glance). The first step towards a strong football team was taken in 1951 after SV Vorwärts Leipzig had won the title at the HVA championship in June 1951. Leipzig was declared an HVA football base, and the best HVA players from the GDR were brought together in Leipzig under coach Heinz Krügel . With them, the SV Volkspolizei (VP) Vorwärts Leipzig was founded in place of the previous SV Vorwärts and classified in the highest GDR soccer class ( Oberliga ) in August 1951 without any athletic qualifications . Already during the 1951/52 season the main administration training (HVA) Leipzig was renamed SV Vorwärts . After the team only reached 15th place, eight players were recruited from the more athletic local rivals BSG Chemie Leipzig in the course of the next season , which, however, caused the displeasure of the Leipzig football fans.

Season dates 1951–1953
league season Place (of) Points Gates
OIL 1951/52 15 (19) 30:42 57:60
OIL 1952/53 14 (17) 30:34 49:56

Despite the reinforcements, there was no improvement in performance in the team that was now competing as SV Vorwärts of the Kasernierte Volkspolizei (KVP) Leipzig . As a result, the management of the barracked people's police decided during the season to move the entire Leipzig Oberliga team to East Berlin , where a permanently competitive football team should establish itself in the top division. The last home games of the 1952/53 season were played as SV Vorwärts of KVP Berlin in Berlin's Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark , but at the end of the season the team had to be relegated to the GDR league as fourth from bottom .

SV Vorwärts Leipzig squad in the 1951/52 season
Name Age) position before later Games until 3/1953
Walter Vogelsang (27) goal Unity East Leipzig 24
Walter Grosser (?) goal Chemistry Karl-Marx-Stadt 16
Helmut Hartmann (27) goal 4th
Wilhelm Brodthagen (27) Defense Unity mountains ZSK Forward Berlin
Gerhard Ebert (26) Defense Stahl Riesa ZSK Berlin
Werner Keller (28) Defense Up Wurzen Up Wurzen 62
Erich Rössner (22) Defense 11
Horst Bartholomew (23) midfield VP Potsdam Rotation Babelsberg 43
Gerhard Reichelt (20) midfield ZSK Forward Berlin
Franz Richter (22) midfield Rotation Dresden ZSK Forward Berlin
Horst Beyer (27) Storm Motor West Karl-Marx-St. 51
Helmut Budick (27) Storm Chemistry Leipzig 6th
Helmut Lorenz (28) Storm Unity East Leipzig ZSK Forward Berlin
Siegfried Meier (26) Storm Motor Zwickau Motor Zwickau 11
Kurt Roil (21) Storm Activist Brieske-Ost 19th
Helmut Teidke (?) Storm Unity East Leipzig 12
Roland Weigel (?) Storm Industry Leipzig ZSK Forward Berlin
Werner Wolf (26) Storm SG Dresden-Zschachwitz ZSK Forward Berlin

SV Vorwärts KVP / SC Vorwärts Leipzig

The reserve team of SV Vorwärts remained in Leipzig and entered the fifth-class district class Leipzig in the 1953/54 season as SV Vorwärts KVP Leipzig and ended the season relegated. As part of the 1955 GDR-wide sports club formation, SV Vorwärts was transformed into SC Vorwärts Leipzig . Its soccer team took over in February 1955 the place of the disbanded soccer section of the SC DHfK Leipzig in the second-rate GDR league. With ninth place, however, the Leipzig could not qualify for the new single-track I. GDR League. In August 1955 the SC Vorwärts Leipzig was relocated to Cottbus and existed there initially as the SC Vorwärts of the Cottbus Air Force .

Below are some of the 16 former Leipzig players who moved back to Leipzig from ZSK Vorwärts Berlin in August 1955 to play for SC Vorwärts for six months before the Leipzig team was transferred to Cottbus:

* did not go to Cottbus

ASK Vorwärts Leipzig 1956 to 1962

In connection with the founding of the National People's Army in 1956, the Army Sports Club (ASK) Vorwärts Leipzig was established in the same year . Its soccer section took over the place of SC Vorwärts in the Leipzig district class. In 1958 the ASK was the season winner and rose in the following three years to the second highest division, the first GDR league. In 1959, the ASK reached the quarter-finals in the GDR soccer cup competition , but lost 3-0 to the upper division Turbine Erfurt. In 1962 , the year of its rise , the football section of the ASK was spun off and continued as the Army Sports Association (ASG) Vorwärts Leipzig .

ASG Forward Leipzig 1962–1974

The ASG Vorwärts achieved in their first GDR league season 1962/63 as a newcomer a remarkable fifth place among the 14 teams of the southern relay of the two-part league. Until 1969, the team asserted itself safely in the second division, but experienced a severe blow in the 1969/70 season when they were knocked off bottom of the table and had to relegate back to the district league. A year later, the ASG fought for the district championship and immediately returned to the now five-track GDR league. 1972 third, the ASG ended the 1973 season as the season winner in 1972/73, but missed promotion to the league as fifth in the promotion round. Guarantors for this upswing were among others the two league- experienced Manfred Lienemann and Otto Skrowny , who did their military service at Vorwärts Leipzig. After the Leipziger had finished the 1973/74 season in fifth place, the ASG was relocated to Dessau .

In the GDR soccer cup, ASG Vorwärts Leipzig was involved in all competitions with the exception of 1971/72 in the twelve years of its existence. In 1962/63, 1966/67 and 1972/73 the team reached the round of 16, otherwise they were eliminated either in the first or second round.

Overview of development

1950 Foundation of SV Vorwärts Leipzig
August 1951 Renaming to SV Volkspolizei Vorwärts Leipzig
April 1952 The HVA Leipzig is renamed SV Vorwärts
November 1952 Renaming to SV Vorwärts KVP Leipzig
April 1953 Delegation to Berlin and renaming to SV Vorwärts of KVP Berlin
February 1955 Foundation of the SC Vorwärts Leipzig
December 1955 Delegation to Cottbus and renaming to SC Vorwärts of the air force Cottbus
1956 Foundation of the ASK Vorwärts Leipzig
1962 Renaming to ASG Vorwärts Leipzig
September 1974 Delegation to Dessau and renaming to ASG Vorwärts Dessau


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