Otto Skrowny

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Skrowny (right) in the championship game Chemie Leipzig - BFC Dynamo in the 1973/74 season

Otto Skrowny (born August 21, 1944 ) is a former German football player ( GDR ).

Athletic career

Although Skrowny never played internationally and with his 93 games in the top division of the GDR league is only somewhere between 680 and 700, he has gone down in the annals of GDR football. This in two respects: Skrowny was the top scorer of the league in the 1969/70 season, and he holds the negative record of all GDR top scorer , since he was enough to score 12 goals.

Skrowny's football career began as a 13-year-old in 1957 at SC Rotation Leipzig , which was converted to SC Leipzig during Skrowny's time . In 1963, Skrowny was one of the Leipzig players eligible for funding who were allowed to play in the sports club, while the less talented players were deported to the non-centrally funded company sports community ( BSG ) Chemie Leipzig . However, Skrowny could not prevail in the men's area and was only used in the reserve teams of SC Leipzig.

At the beginning of the 1965/66 season, Skrowny moved to BSG Wismut Gera , a team that had only ranked 12th in the second-rate GDR league in the preseason. In the first year Skrowny reached promotion to the league with his new team. Gera was only able to hold its own in the league for one year and rose again to the GDR league at the end of the 1966/67 season. In Gera Skrowny came to 21 league appearances.

After a season in the second division Skrowny made another change and played from 1968/69 on the league team of Chemistry Leipzig, which was able to save a hair's breadth from relegation in the past season. With Skrowny's help, the chemists came in 6th in 1969, while they were outbid with 4th place in 1970. This certainly also with the help of the 12 goals of their center forward Skrowny, which made him the top scorer of the season. With the exception of the years 1971 to 1973, in which Skrowny had committed himself to three years of military service with the People's Army and during this time played for the second-class ASG Vorwärts Leipzig , Skrowny stayed with Chemie Leipzig until 1976, where he made 72 league appearances in which he was 18 Goals scored.

After Chemie Leipzig had to relegate from the league in 1976, Skrowny also ended his league career. Until 1987 he still competed for the temporarily second class BSG Stahl Nordwest Leipzig . After that he was the coach of the 2nd team at Chemie Leipzig for a few years.


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