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Bernd Bauchspieß (born October 10, 1939 in Zeitz ) is a former German football player.

life and career

Bernd Bauchspieß started playing soccer at BSG Chemie Zeitz in 1950 at the age of eleven . After the rise of Zeitzer in the GDR league , he made his debut in the top division of the GDR (1: 2) on March 8, 1959 in the game against SC Lok Leipzig and was promptly top scorer with 18 goals . In the following season he defended this title with 25 goals, which, however, could not prevent the descent of the Zeitzer after only two seasons. In 1957 and 1958, belly spit was part of the squad of the GDR junior national team. With her he played seven international matches. After relegation, he moved to the upper division SC Dynamo Berlin , but only played there in the spring round of the 1961/62 season. In the summer of 1961 he began to study medicine in Leipzig and wanted to join the league competitor Lok Leipzig there. However, he did not receive any approval from the football association, but was allowed to move to his former community Chemie Zeitz in the second-rate first GDR league .

It was not until the beginning of the 1963/64 season that Bauchspieß was able to switch to the newly founded BSG Chemie Leipzig back to the top division. Although the team was the reservoir for the players who had not been taken over by the new Leipzig soccer focus SC Leipzig , Bauchspieß experienced the high points of his career at Chemie over the next ten years. With his numerous goals, the striker known as the “philistine” contributed to the heyday of chemistry in the 1960s. He was instrumental in the legendary championship in 1964. In 1965, Bauchspieß was the top scorer in the GDR league for the third time with 14 goals. In total, Bauchspieß scored 120 times in 264 GDR league games and is considered the best-known “chemist” and best player of all times for the “Leutzscher”.

In 1959, Bauchspieß played an international game in Helsinki against Finland in the GDR national soccer team . However, he did not manage to score in the 3-2 defeat, and further missions were denied him. However, he played eight internationals with the youth national team between 1959 and 1963, and three B internationals in 1964 and 1965. In 1964 he was part of the GDR's soccer team . In the Olympic football tournament in Tokyo, he was used in three games and scored one goal. In the small final, in which the GDR won the bronze medal, he was not called up.

He completed his medical studies, which he began during his career, in 1969 with a doctorate , the subject of the dissertation was The Influence of Antibodies by the Concentration of the Injected Antigen . Bauchspieß is a resident orthopedist in Leipzig.

Career chronicle
season team league Point games / goals
1957 BSG Chemie Zeitz I. GDR League 4 / -
1958 BSG Chemie Zeitz I. GDR League 21/18
1959 BSG Chemie Zeitz Oberliga 26/18
1960 BSG Chemie Zeitz Oberliga 25/25
1961 SC Dynamo Berlin Oberliga 5/3
1962 BSG Chemie Zeitz I. GDR League 14/8
1962/63 BSG Chemie Zeitz I. GDR League 21/7
1963/64 BSG Chemie Leipzig Oberliga 21/13
1964/65 BSG Chemie Leipzig Oberliga 23/14
1965/66 BSG Chemie Leipzig Oberliga 23/12
1966/67 BSG Chemie Leipzig Oberliga 26/14
1967/68 BSG Chemie Leipzig Oberliga 25/9
1968/69 BSG Chemie Leipzig Oberliga 26/7
1969/70 BSG Chemie Leipzig Oberliga 13/2
1970/71 BSG Chemie Leipzig Oberliga 26/3
1971/72 BSG Chemie Leipzig GDR League 20 / -
1972/73 BSG Chemie Leipzig Oberliga 25 / -
  • Oberliga total: 264 point games, 120 goals
    • Oberliga - BSG Chemie Zeitz: 51 points games, 43 goals
    • Oberliga - SC Dynamo Berlin: 5 point games, 3 goals
    • Oberliga - BSG Chemie Leipzig: 208 points games, 74 goals
  • GDR league total: 80 games, 33 goals
    • GDR League - BSG Chemie Zeitz: 60 point games, 33 goals
    • GDR League - BSG Chemie Leipzig: 20 point games


  • Selected sports medicine contributions to performance development in sports , DHfK, Leipzig 1981 (study material on the theory and methodology of training in sports - sports group: sports, special training)


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