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Heinz "Satti" Satrapa (born July 7, 1927 in Zwickau ; † March 2001 there ) was a German football player. In the GDR Oberliga , the highest East German division, he played for Horch / Motor Zwickau and Wismut Aue / SC Wismut Karl-Marx-Stadt .

Athletic career

Heinz Satrapa began playing football at VfL 1905 Zwickau in 1937 . After the war he played for Motor Zwickau and its predecessor clubs SG Zwickau-Mitte, SG Planitz and ZSG Horch Zwickau until 1952 . In the 1946/47 season he played with the change rule for “zone jumpers” as a “temporary worker” at Hannover 96 (alongside Lothar Kunack , Manfred Fuchs , Herbert Heinze , “Edi” Schmidt and Heinz Pietsch von Horch Zwickau). In 1950 he won the GDR championship with the Zwickauers. With 23 out of 26 possible point games and his 23 hits, with which he was also top scorer in the GDR Oberliga, he contributed significantly to this success.

In the spring of 1952 Satrapa was denounced because of allegedly "bad work ethic" (1 absent day) at his employer and the team carrier company Horchwerke Zwickau and banned from playing in the GDR upper league and was placed on the reserve team. This happened at the instigation of the SED party secretary who had just been transferred here from the Berlin Sports Committee after Brauchitsch lodged a complaint with Walter Ulbricht . (see literature: Heinz Satrapa tells Zwickau football history )

Despite the ban, Satrapa moved to league rivals Wismut Aue in the summer of 1952 , but was only allowed to play in the second team until the end of the year. With the beginning of the second half of the 1952/53 season he was allowed to play in the upper league again and formed a class storm there together with Willy Tröger and Armin Günther , and thanks to his goals, the Auer became runner-up in the upper league after they won the game against Dynamo Dresden with 2 : 3 lost after extra time. In 1952 Satrapa was also part of the national soccer team for the international match Romania - GDR on October 26, 1952, but was not used. As he was politically and morally unreliable, he was later removed from the national team squad again. Only with the B selection did he play an international match in 1953 (Bulgaria - GDR 2-1). In the 1953/54 season , in the course of which the team was assigned to SC Wismut Karl-Marx-Stadt (the venue remained Aue ), Satrapa was top scorer for the second time with Siegfried Vollrath from Turbine Erfurt with 21 goals. From 1956 to 1958 he let his career end at Empor Zwickau-Nord. In total, Satrapa played 142 league games and scored 88 goals.

After his active career, Heinz Satrapa worked as a trainer at Chemie Glauchau (1960 to 1964), activist Karl Marx Zwickau (1964 to 1966), Motor WEMA Plauen (1966 to 1968) and Motor Bautzen (1968 to 1970).

He died of a heart attack in 2001.


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