Heinz Kaulmann

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Heinz Kaulmann (born September 28, 1934 ) is a former German football player in the GDR , he was the top scorer in the GDR league in 1957 .

Athletic career

As a youth player, Kaulmann began to play football in Könnern after the end of World War II . Via BSG Chemie Rüdersdorf , he joined the central soccer club of the GDR Army Sports Association Vorwärts Berlin in 1955 . He had taken a different path than the majority of the rest of the team, who had been relocated to Berlin either in 1953 from Vorwärts Leipzig or in 1955 from SC DHfK Leipzig . After relegation in 1953 and immediate resurgence, Vorwärts had reached eighth place in the previous 1954/55 season. Kaulmann was supposed to strengthen the assault line alongside Assmy , Meyer and Wirth .

In the insignificant transition round to the change to the calendar year season in autumn 1955 and also in the 1956 season, the strikers struggled with 10 goals from 13 games and 41 goals in 26 games, so that Vorwärts Berlin ended up only in midfield in 1956 with 6th place . However, the team was more successful in the GDR Cup competition in 1956 , where the final was reached. Kaulmann scored a 1-1 equalizer against SC Chemie Halle-Leuna in the 73rd minute, but in the end the Halle team won 2-1. In the league year 1957 forward increased to 45 goals, which were enough for the runner-up. The most successful goalscorer was Heinz Kaulmann with 15 goals. These goal successes were also sufficient to become top scorer in the GDR Oberliga, the lowest goal rate that the best Oberliga scorer had ever achieved. In 1958 Vorwärts Berlin won his first championship title, but at Kaulmann it became apparent that he could no longer fully meet the high demands of his team. In the 26 point games he was used only ten times and could only score two goals. His career kink was particularly evident in 1960. He was still involved in eight games of the league team, but was mainly used in the reserve team. As a consolation he was able to win the reserve team championship with this team.

Under these circumstances, the only 27-year-old Kaulmann (29 league games, 26 league goals) received at the end of the 1960 season the clearance for TSC Oberschöneweide, which, although only third-rate, maintained the strongest civilian football team in Berlin. As SG / Motor Oberschöneweide, the team played in the major league between 1950 and 1953 and became a cult club in East Berlin as 1. FC Union Berlin in the late 1960s. In the new, less demanding environment, Kaulmann was able to develop his goalscoring qualities again. In his first season 1961/62 he made 37 gates an all-time record for the II. DDR-Liga on (it was abolished in 1963) and helped his team to promotion to the I. DDR-Liga . Heinz Kaulmann was also on February 16, 1966 in the first game of the TSC newly founded 1. FC Union Berlin. In the following 13 point games he scored nine goals and was thus instrumental in the second promotion of his team, now in the GDR league. Meanwhile 32 years old, Kaulmann ended his career as a competitive athlete in the summer of 1966 and used a few games in the reserve team to train off.

Further career

As coach of the 2nd and 3rd of iron union , the SG Friedrichshagen, the BSG Aviation Berlin whose first team he took over in the summer of 1978, and the TSG Oberschoeneweide Kaulmann remained the Berlin football, often as a coach in the district league , continue to receive .

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