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Gerd Backhaus (born September 8, 1942 ) is a former German soccer player. In the Oberliga , the highest GDR league, he played for the BSG Lok Stendal . He played three international matches for the GDR national soccer team .


At the age of 19 Backhaus was used for the first time in the league team of BSG Lok Stendal in 1961. The team was currently in the phase of an elevator team , and Backhaus had to relegate to the second-rate GDR league at the end of his first league season in the summer of 1962 . In the following season he was immediately promoted again, Backhaus was top scorer with 19 goals . A five-year period began in which the Stendalers were able to establish themselves in the GDR football club.

Backhaus' second league season was extremely successful. After he had already been used in the youth and the youth national team, he came to his first game in the senior team on December 17, 1963 and scored the opening goal in Myanmar as a center forward in a 5-2 victory. Backhaus scored his second international goal in the second game of the Asian tour against Ceylon . Since the position of the center forward in the national team was firmly in the hands of Peter Ducke , Backhaus only came back to an international match on September 11, 1966 in the encounter between the GDR and Poland. In the league season 1963/64 Backhaus was top scorer of the league with 15 goals. In the following seasons 1964/65 and 1965/66 Backhaus was the most successful goalscorer of his team with 12 and 10 goals respectively.

1966 saw a further high point in Backhaus' career. On April 30, Lok Stendal and Backhaus were the center forward in the final of the GDR soccer cup , but lost 1-0 to Chemie Leipzig . In the spring of 1967 Backhaus took part in two qualifying games of the GDR's soccer team against Greece and contributed one goal to the two 5-0 victories. Later, however, the Olympic selection failed to Bulgaria , so that Backhaus was denied participation in the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico. 1968 was also the year in which Backhaus played his last league season. Lok Stendal finally said goodbye to the top GDR football class with his fifth descent, but Backhaus remained loyal to his team in the second division and remained active until 1975. As a top division player, he was called up 140 times and scored 63 goals. Behind Kurt Weißenfels , he is the second best league scorer in the Stendal.

After the end of his football career, Backhaus earned his degree as an engineer and worked for the Deutsche Reichsbahn and Deutsche Bahn AG.

Career overview
1961-1968 140 league games, 63 goals
1963-1966 3 international caps, 2 goals
1967 2 Olympic games, 1 goals
5 youth selection games, 2 goals
1 junior selection game

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