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The sports newspaper Deutsches Sportecho - Issue A ISSN 0323-8628 , Issue B ISSN 0232-4814 - published in the Soviet Occupation Zone (SBZ) and later in the GDR since May 5, 1947 - was published by the German Gymnastics and Sports Association ( DTSB ).    


It had a circulation of 185,000 copies and appeared at different frequencies, between once and six times a week. For many years, “Mondays to Fridays with a detailed soccer section (especially in the Monday edition)” was the standard of publication. The publisher was Sportverlag Berlin . In addition to football, the GDR daily newspaper mainly reported on particularly sponsored sports such as athletics, gymnastics and winter sports.

In 1989 the newspaper was the host of the GDR soccer Supercup, which was held only once before the end of the GDR . The GDR champions SG Dynamo Dresden lost on August 5th in Cottbus against cup winners BFC Dynamo with 1: 4.

After reunification, it was taken over by Springer-Verlag and Sportverlag GmbH, but had to be discontinued in 1991 after the number of readers fell rapidly. The last issue appeared on April 3, 1991.


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