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Siegfried Lokatis (born October 1, 1956 in Essen ) is a German contemporary historian and book scholar .


Lokatis studied history , philosophy , archeology and oriental studies at the Ruhr University in Bochum and in Pisa . In 1985 he passed his first state examination and received a scholarship from the FAZIT Foundation with Hans Mommsen with the dissertation Hanseatische Verlagsanstalt. Political book marketing in the "Third Reich" for Dr. phil. PhD. In 1992 he passed the second state examination.

He then worked as a research associate at the Research Center for Contemporary History Studies (today: Center for Contemporary History Research ). From 2001 to 2005 he was involved in the DFG project “International literature in the field of tension between German-German literary politics. The publishing house 'Volk und Welt' ”was integrated at the University of Potsdam and was in charge of an exhibition on the publishing house Volk und Welt in 2004/05 at the Documentation Center for Everyday Culture of the GDR in Eisenhüttenstadt and later in Marienborn .

In 2004 he completed his habilitation in modern history at the University of Potsdam. In 2006 he became professor at the Institute for Communication and Media Studies at the University of Leipzig . In particular, he researches the history of publishing and the book trade.

Lokatis is committed to the future of book studies as a research discipline. The book stories project was published by Edition Hamouda in 2011 . Paths to World Literature , New Book Stories followed in 2012 . Paths to world literature . These publications contain popular scientific texts on the classics of world literature, which are intended to bring the reader closer to the original texts.

Lokatis is a member of the historical commission of the German book trade association .


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