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Bernd Rohr (born June 4, 1942 ) is a former German soccer player and author. In the GDR Oberliga , the top division in GDR football , he played for BSG Chemie Leipzig in the 1960s .

Athletic career

Bernd Rohr was trained as a soccer player in the youth teams of the SC Rotation Leipzig and the company sports association (BSG) Motor Warnowwerft Warnemünde . At BSG Motor he also played his first competitive games in the men's division, initially in the third-class II. GDR league , after which it was set up in the Rostock district league .

For the 1964/65 season, Rohr moved to the league club SC Chemie Halle , but was not used in league games there. During the season he joined the BSG Chemie Leipzig, which was also represented in the top division. There he had his first appearance in the league on May 27, 1965, when he was used as a striker in the encounter Lok Stendal - Chemie Leipzig. He justified his line-up with the goal of the 1-1 final score. He was then used in the remaining three league games. At the beginning of the 1965/66 season, Rohr was first used in the eight games of the Intercup , where he also scored twice. He also played the first four point games in the league.

In November 1965, Rohr was sent to Cuba to help expand the Cubanitro fertilizer plant in Matanzas . He was also able to play football for the Werkself. Until the political change in 1989, he remained the only GDR footballer with a foreign commitment.

In 1967 he returned to the GDR and joined the district league activist Böhlen . He helped the team to rise to the GDR league, but then left the BSG and moved to the BSG rotation in 1950 Leipzig , also a district division. With the BSG rotation he rose to the GDR league in 1973 and played ten of the 22 league games played in the 1973/74 season. The team only played one season in the GDR league and did not return there. For Bernd Rohr, too, his career in nationwide GDR football was ended, which included eight appearances and two goals in the GDR Oberliga and ten goalless games in the GDR league.

Journalistic activities

In VEB Bibliographical Institute Leipzig he was professionally active from the 1968th There the graduate engineer was jointly responsible for the technical lexicon with Herbert Wiele . In 1987 Bernd Rohr and the sports journalist Günter Simon published the 488-page lexicon football at the Bibliographisches Institut Leipzig, which was re- published by Copressverlag Munich in 1991 and 1993. In the digital age, the reference work was also published as an e-book , including a second edition in 2012 by the Munich-based Stiebner Verlag.

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