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Djibril Diop Mambéty (born January 1945 in Colobane , now a district of Dakar , † July 23, 1998 in Paris ) was a Senegalese actor and director.


Mambéty first completed an acting training and worked in Senegalese and Italian films. In 1969 he made the short film "Contras'city", the following year the feature film "Badou Boy" about a street boy in Dakar. His first feature film ensured that Mambéty's name was mentioned in the same breath as that of his compatriot Ousmane Sembène . For “Touki Bouki” (1972) he received the Cannes Critique Prize. “Touki Bouki” is the imaginatively told story of a young couple who desperately want to travel to Paris. In the same year Mambéty stayed for a long time in Rome, where he met Pier Paolo Pasolini , among others .

It took Mambéty more than 15 years to finish his next film: the short film "Parlons Grand-mère" (1989) was made on the fringes of Idrissa Ouédraogo's "Yaaba" in Burkina Faso . At the beginning of the 1990s, Mambety opened a school in Dakar: the “Foundation Yaadi Koone - Pour l'enfance et la nature”. In 1992 he shot “Hyènes” based on Dürrenmatt'sThe Visit of the Old Lady ”. The last few years have been dedicated to the project of the trilogy “Histoires de petites gens”. The first part, "Le Franc", premiered at the Locarno Film Festival in 1994 ; the middle piece, "La petite vendeuse de soleil", also 45 minutes long and also played in Dakar, was performed posthumously in 1999. Djibril Diop-Mambéty died of lung cancer on July 23, 1998 in Paris.


  • 1969: Contras' City (short film)
  • 1970: Badou Boy
  • 1973: Touki Bouki - The Hyena's Journey (Touki Boukik)
  • 1989: Parlons grand-mère (short film)
  • 1992: Hyenas (Hyènes)
  • 1995: The Franc ( Le Franc , short film)
  • 1998: La Petite Vendeuse de soleil


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