Documentary reference unit

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The Editorial reference unit (DBE) is for information specialists the object , the subject of the documentary processing is. Documentary reference units can be all possible carriers of information ; Conceivable are, among other things, printed matter , sound carriers , films , museum pieces, etc.

In the documentation process, a documentation unit (DE) is formed from the DBE; This is, for example, a data record that contains the characteristics of the DBE and is entered into an information system as a representative for them . If the information system were a book database , for example , the DE - in this case the data set - would contain the bibliographic data , but also information on the content , for example in the form of keywords (descriptors) or a classification .

The DBE is not necessarily to be equated with a special type of document, rather it is understood as a unit of information. For example, it can be a single chapter from a specialist book or an article from a specialist magazine, but also a product from a product catalog.

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