Dorndorf shoe factory

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Dorndorf shoe factory

legal form GmbH
founding 1876 ​​in Pöpelwitz
resolution 1970 merged with Schuh-Union AG
Seat Zweibrücken , Germany
Number of employees 3000 employees (1961)
sales 65 million DM (1961)
Branch Shoe production

The Dorndorf shoe factory GmbH & Co. KG was a big German shoe manufacturer. The company was founded by Raphael Dorndorf in Pöpelwitz near Breslau in 1876 and came to Breslau in 1897 with the incorporation of Pöpelwitz. On June 13, 1931, the Langermann & Co. shoe factory in Pirmasens acquired the R. Dorndorf shoe factory in Breslau at a price of RM 300,000 . The company was continued under the name "Dorndorf GmbH". The plant in Niederauerbach , which has been owned by the Langermann family since 1926 , came to the town of Zweibrücken in 1938 when Niederauerbach was incorporated . In the same year the company was forced to argue . The buyer was Richard Greiling . Production was continued in Zweibrücken-Niederauerbach after the war. In 1952 the shoe manufacturer Dietrich Bahner acquired the company. In 1960, with over 3,000 employees, 12–13,000 pairs of shoes were manufactured daily in the main plant in Zweibrücken-Niederauerbach and branches in Munich and Frankfurt am Main. In 1970 the Dorndorf Group merged with the Servas Group in Rodalben to form Schuh-Union AG, which has been part of the Rieker Group since 2002 .

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