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Albert Bruckner (born July 13, 1904 in Basel , † December 10, 1985 in Finkenberg (Tyrol)) was a Swiss historian , palaeographer and medievalist .

Albert Bruckner, the son of a pastor of the same name, studied history in Basel, Lausanne, Berlin, Florence and Münster. After receiving his doctorate in Cologne in 1929, he was an assistant in Berlin. In 1931 he returned to Basel. From 1933 to 1941 he worked at the Basel-Stadt State Archives and its director from 1961 to 1966.

From 1948 Bruckner was associate professor and from 1967 full professor for medieval history at the University of Basel .

He was particularly interested in his courses in palaeography to teach students how to read ancient scripts and how to date written documents. From 1966 to 1974 he was head of Helvetia Sacra . The Chartae Latinae Antiquiores , a facsimile collection of documents that were written before 800, as a parallel company to the Codices Latini Antiquiores go back to him. He was the author, stimulator and editor of important reference works on the Middle Ages, especially as a member of the Comité international de paleographie latine (CIPL) founded in Paris in 1953. With the cooperation of his students, he founded the Swiss part of the international company of the catalog of dated manuscripts (see below: Works), in which all medieval book manuscripts are listed that contain information on the place of writing, the time of writing or a scribe's name.

Works (selection)

  • Swiss flag book. 2 vol., St. Gallen 1942
  • Swiss die cutter and type caster. History of die cuts and handwriting in Basel and the rest of Switzerland from their beginnings to the present. Basel 1943
  • (with Edgar Bonjour ) Basel and the Confederates. History of their relationships in memory of Basel's entry into the Swiss Confederation in 1501. Basel 1951.
  • The Bread Basin Guild in Basel. To mark the seven hundredth anniversary of its mention. Basel 1956.
  • Scriptoria medii aevi Helvetica = monuments of Swiss writing in the Middle Ages ; Roto-Sadag, Geneva 1935–1978; 14 parts in 15 volumes (lists the places of writing in the Middle Ages in today's Switzerland, in the order of the old dioceses: Chur (1), Constance (2–10), Lausanne (11), Basel (12), Sion (13–13A ), as well as indices (14).
  • Catalog of the dated manuscripts in Switzerland in Latin script from the beginning of the Middle Ages to 1550 = Catalog des manuscrits datés en Suisse en écriture latine du début du Moyen Age jusqu'en 1550 / founded by Albert Bruckner; in collaboration with the Comité International de Paléographie; Urs-Graf-Verlag, Dietikon-Zurich 1977–1991, 3 parts in 6 volumes (each text and table volume) according to storage locations: Aarau, Appenzell, Basel (volume 1), Bern-Porrentruy (volume 2), St. Gallen- Zurich (Volume 3).


  • Festgabe Albert Bruckner for his 70th birthday on July 13, 1974 , presented by friends and students, red. Andreas Staehelin ; in: Basler Zeitschrift für Geschichte und Altertumskunde 74, 1974, pp. 1–310.
  • Martin Steinmann: In memory of Albert Bruckner . In: Scriptorium (Brussels) 41, 1987, pp. 130-133.

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