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Dov Paisikovic (born April 1, 1924 in Velky Rakovec, formerly Czechoslovakia , † 1988 ) was a Jewish survivor of the Sonderkommando in Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp . He witnessed the mass extermination in the crematoria and gas chambers of the camp .


Dov Paisikovic was deported from Mukachevo , which had belonged to Hungary since 1938, with his parents and seven siblings to Auschwitz. He arrived in Auschwitz on May 31, 1944 and was given the prisoner number A-3076.

I joined the group of those able to work with my father, and a brother of mine was also able to join the camp. The last time I saw the rest of the family was on the ramp . "

Dov and his father Isaak Paisikovic were assigned to the special unit a few days after their arrival. They had to transport corpses to cremation pits from a farmhouse that had been converted into a gasification plant. They were later used in the Birkenau crematoria, starting at the end of October 1944, to remove traces of the mass extermination facilities.

Paisikovic survived the evacuation of the Auschwitz concentration camp and the death march to the Mauthausen concentration camp . He was sent to the Melk and Ebensee subcamps and was liberated by the US Army in May 1945 .

After the end of the war, Dov Paisikovic lived as a butcher in Hadera / Israel. He testified on the 98th day of the trial on October 8, 1964 as a witness at the Auschwitz trials in Frankfurt am Main.

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