Three-chamber system

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  • A three -chamber system (also three-chamber system or tricameralism ) is, analogous to the one-chamber system and two-chamber system , a form of government in which the parliament of a state is composed of three chambers . The system is and has rarely been used.

    South Africa during apartheid

    The South African Constitution of 1983 established three chambers of parliament for three of the four “races” of the country in the late phase of apartheid from 1984: the House of Assembly for the white, the House of Representatives for the “ colored ” and the House of Delegates for the Indian descent South Africans. Further constitutional provisions, such as the election of the president and the mediation procedure in the event of differences of opinion between the chambers, should ensure that de facto power largely rested with the House of Assembly . The South African three-chamber parliament was abolished by the 1993 transitional constitution.

    The European Union

    The political system of the European Union is sometimes referred to as a three-chamber system, although the European Parliament itself only consists of one chamber. The reason is that there are three EU bodies that are essential for the ordinary legislative process of secondary law. In addition to the aforementioned parliament as the chamber of people's representatives, these are the two representations of the member states : the European Council (chamber of heads of state and government) and the Council of the European Union (chamber of specialist ministers, "EU Council of Ministers"). However, the European Council usually only plays a role in landmark decisions of principle and serious decisions.

    Polish aristocratic republic

    In the 1st Polish Republic , the parliament, at that time called the General Sejm in its entirety , consisted of three estates or chambers: Izba poselska (Chamber of Deputies), the Senate and the King as the third chamber of parliament.

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