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A printer's proof (also simply flag or proofs , galleys , galley proof ) referred in particular in classic letters set ( hot type ) one produced on loose sheets or strip deduction of a set, but not yet put on the page format printing unit , the u. a. Authors , editors and proofreaders are used for error checking ( revision ).

Unless the old terms or the shortening flag are traditionally used, one has been talking about a flag expression in this context since the introduction of digital printing techniques .

Development of terminology

The term "withdrawal" is already on the practice of hand pressing back a sheet of paper with a brush ( brush deduction ) or a printer bales to press against the colored kit and then a first print image deducted . With the advent of machine printing techniques, a print generally meant the result of a printed page.

With desktop publishing, which is generally used today to create printed media, one no longer speaks of a print but of a "printout" using a printer . It begins with "raw printing" of a typescript at page height or a "raw make-up" without taking into account the rules of the page and z. B. an assignment of images and tables, in which the corrections for the final version can be made.

Subsequently, sample pages of the complete printing work are printed out in the final layout and made available to the authors and / or clients as a loose collection of pages for corrections as a correction printout or a flag printout . The final print approval is only given once this verification process has been completed .

Other uses

Even reviewers is sometimes the flags expression of an upcoming book release as loose or with adhesive binding held together leaf collection in a simple DIN - A4 format delivered, although sometimes even the last correction is pending by the editorial department and / or the author. Such flag printouts are usually requested before reading copies are created if there is already a high demand for an announced book publication and / or if it is very extensive and reviews should be available at the same time as the finished book.


When checking the print quality in the purely technical sense, one speaks of a proof in the case of machine printing processes and a test print in the case of analog processes with a print film or in the case of digital processes . In the case of lead type , which is hardly used any more, there is the final proof before the type is collected (or the material is hit in the context of the production of a stereotype ).

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