EN 452/453 (Paris – Moscow)

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The EN 452/453 is an international long-distance passenger train of the type Euronight , or EN for short. The pair of trains is operated by the Russian State Railways and has been connecting the Belarusian station in Moscow with the Paris-Est station since December 2011 .

Before that, there was a Paris – Moscow night train connection in the form of the D 240/241, East-West Express , for several decades until the summer timetable change in 1994 . From the summer of 1994 this only ran between Brussels and Moscow before the connection to the 1998 summer timetable was discontinued. In the following years through car connections existed between Brussels or Cologne and Moscow via Warsaw.


With a distance of 3,159 kilometers, it is one of the longest train runs in Europe. The scheduled travel time is around 39 hours. In Brest-Zentralny are bogies of passenger cars of the Russian broad gauge to standard gauge umgespurt . The locomotive is switched to the next state and its national railway on the crossing.

The train starts in Moscow on Tuesday. The return journey begins on Friday.


The train passes through Russia , Belarus , Poland , Germany and France . It travels from the Belarusian train station in Moscow via Smolensk , Minsk-Passaschyrski , Brest-Zentralny , Warszawa Centralna , Berlin , Frankfurt / Main , Karlsruhe , Strasbourg to the destination station Paris-Est.

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