Earl of Kendal

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Earl of Kendal was a hereditary British title of nobility that was awarded a total of four times in the Peerage of England . The title refers to the English city of Kendal .

Awards and other titles

Although the earl title was bestowed as a hereditary title all four times, it was never inherited. The Earl's first, second, and fourth awards left no descendants upon their death, so the title became void. The title of the first earl third award was revoked in 1462, after he had inherited lands and titles in France and paid homage to the French king. His descendants carried on the title in the Frenchized form Comte de Candale and in 1621 received the French duke title Duc de Cendale .

The title of first award was conferred on May 16, 1414 along with the title of Duke of Bedford . The title holder was also raised to Earl of Richmond later that year .

The title of second bestowal was conferred on August 28, 1443 along with the title of Duke of Somerset . The title holder was already 3rd Earl of Somerset .

The third award of the title took place in 1446.

The fourth bestowal title was bestowed on April 9, 1689, along with the Duke of Cumberland and Baron Okingham titles, to the husband of the future Queen Anne . The titles also belonged to the Peerage of England.

List of the Earls of Kendal

Earls of Kendal, first bestowal (1414)

Earls of Kendal, second bestowal (1443)

Earls of Kendal, third bestowal (1446)

Earls of Kendal, fourth bestowal (1689)

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