Eduard His-Eberle

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Eduard His-Eberle (born December 16, 1886 in Basel ; † September 16, 1948 there , reformed , resident in Basel) was a Swiss lawyer and local historian.

Eduard His-Eberle, son of the banker Eduard His and Margaretha Elisabeth born Schlumberger, studied law and received his doctorate in 1909 at the University of Basel Dr. iur. In 1910 he became secretary of the Basel Department of Justice. After his habilitation in 1915, he was a private lecturer for constitutional and administrative law at the University of Basel, until he was appointed associate professor there in 1921 and in the same year accepted the position of full professor for public law and legal philosophy at the University of Zurich . In 1927 he stopped teaching and then worked primarily as a private scholar. 1921–1948 he was editor of the “Zeitschrift für Schweizerisches Recht”. He also authored numerous legal, legal history and historical books and articles.

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