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Edward Gerard Winter (* 1955 ) is an English journalist, archivist, historian, collector and author in the field of chess . Winter, who lives near Geneva , regularly writes Chess Notes and writes regularly for ChessBase .

Chess Notes

Chess Notes began as a bimonthly periodical in early 1982 and was described by the author in its first issue as "a forum for aficionados to discuss all matters relating to royal leisure activities". The individual articles and notes are numbered consecutively in the order in which they appear.

At the end of 1989 the periodical ceased to appear. In 1993, Winter resumed the publication of the Chess Notes as a syndicate , which now appeared as a column in different languages ​​in chess newspapers around the world. Between 1998 and 2001 they appeared exclusively in the Dutch English-language magazine New In Chess . The Chess Notes were later published online on the ChessCafe.com website . Since September 2004 they are on Winter's own website Chess History Center .

Since 1996 Winter has published various selected collections of Chess Notes in book form.


Chess grandmaster Yasser Seirawan calls Winter “the first authority in the chess world for its rich history”.

The International Master William Hartston remarks about him: “Probably the most meticulous and hardworking researcher and chess journalist at the moment. … Winter's brilliantly devastating style, always accepted in the service of accuracy as a noble virtue, gives his writings a quality that is both wonderfully entertaining and instructive. "

Hans Ree wrote of Winter that he was “a fair but strict guardian of chess literature. Every English-speaking chess journalist knows: Anyone who makes a date error, overlooks a checkmate in an analysis or sins against King's English will be flogged by Winter, whose eyes see everything. "

Harald E. Balló criticizes the limitation of the Chess Notes “to bizarre details of practical chess features with little or at best marginal historical relevance”.

Larry Parr , who is friends with Winter-targeted grandmaster and author Larry Evans , comments critically that Winter is “obsessed with trivial oversights, misprints and incorrect data. He doesn't see the forest for the trees. He can only spray with mud. "


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