Eela Craig

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Eela Craig
General information
Genre (s) Progressive rock , jazz , pop
founding 1970
resolution 1988
Founding members
Hubert Bognermayr († 1999)
Willi Orthofer († 2010)
Harald Abschrader
Gerhard English
Horst Waber (until 1972)
Heinz Gerstmair (until 1972)
Alfred Peschek († 2015)
Last occupation
Hubert Bognermayr († 1999)
Willi Orthofer († 2010)
Harald Abschrader
Gerhard English
Alfred Peschek († 2015)
former members
Hubert Schnauer (1972–1978)
Fritz Riedelberger (1972–1978)
Joe Drobar (1972-1978)
Frank Hueber (1972–1978)
Alois Janetschko (1972–1978)

Eela Craig was an Austrian rock band that combined progressive rock music with jazz , classical , electronic music and Christian lyrics on an LP in the early 1970s . The band name has no further meaning.


The group was founded in Linz in 1970 . In the summer of 1971, the first long-playing record Eela Craig was recorded in an edition of 1,500 pieces, which led to comparisons among the critics with more established bands such as Emerson, Lake & Palmer , King Crimson , Gentle Giant or Colosseum . In 1972 the band played a few joint appearances with the Zurich Chamber Orchestra , which subsequently led to several appearances in renowned opera houses in Italy, Germany and Austria, which was absolutely unusual for a rock group at the time.

In 1975 a contract was signed with Virgin Records , and in the course of the next few years more singles and albums were created, of which the Christian concept album Missa Universalis from 1978 stands out. This is the musical implementation of a high mass (celebration of the Holy Mass), which includes all prescribed standard texts in Latin, German, English and French. The compositions resemble the works of Anton Bruckner ; musically, all elements of rock music and electronic music are used. The world premiere of this work took place at the Bruckner Festival in the city of Linz and evoked an overwhelming, positive media response.

Between 1982 and 1986, nothing was heard of the group, however produced Bognermayr and Zuschrader under the name Bognermayr / Zuschrader on the already 1980 Bognermayr founded New Age - Label Erdenklang more albums with partly also christian content. In 1987, three singles appeared under the name Eela Craig , which are more likely to be assigned to contemporary pop music . In 1988 the last album Hit or Miss was released .

On November 17, 1995, the group met for a one-time live performance in Linz. At the same time Hubert Bognermayr published a compilation under the title Symphonic Rock . For the 50th anniversary of the founding, still active founding members performed together with the Bruckner Orchestra "Missa Universalis" again in the Brucknerhaus on March 5, 2020 .



  • 1974: Stories / Cheese
  • 1979: A Spaceman Came Traveling / Heaven Sales
  • 1980: We Found Daddy Hangin 'on the Xmastree
  • 1981: Mo-bike Jive / Carry on
  • 1987: Linz / Feel like this ...
  • 1987: Il Tempo ... / Lovers in Love
  • 1987: Christmas time / (instrumental)
  • 1988: Lord's Prayer / Our Father


  • 1971: Eela Craig
  • 1976: One Niter
  • 1977: Hats of Glass
  • 1978: Missa Universalis
  • 1980: Virgin Oiland
  • 1988: Hit or Miss
  • 1995: Symphonic Rock
  • 1995: Missa Universalis
  • 1997: Eela Craig
  • 2017: Virgin Oiland

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