Egerland Culture House

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Entrance to the culture house

The Egerland Culture House is a culture house in Marktredwitz . It serves to maintain the culture of the Egerland .

The origins of the Kulturhaus go back to people who were expelled from their homeland (see also Expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia ) who collected memorabilia from their homeland. Such museums have also sprung up elsewhere. The town of Marktredwitz was connected to the town of Cheb for a particularly long time and only became part of the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1816 and thus to the present-day Federal Republic of Germany . From a historical point of view, the location was particularly suitable. The idea of ​​the culture house was born in the 1950s by the Eghalanda Gmoin Association , the foundation stone was laid in 1969, and the inauguration was for the Egerlandtag in 1973. The building was considerably expanded in 1997 with an extension.

The Egerland Culture House contains the Egerland Museum and the Egerland Art Gallery. Special exhibitions take place again and again, e.g. B. 1974 with works by the artist Franz Gruss and 2006 In the footsteps of a noble family - The Notthaffte in Bohemia and Bavaria . The culture house is the seat of the Egerland-Kulturhaus-Stiftung , the Bund der Eghalanda Gmoin e. V. and the Euregio Egrensis Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bayern e. V. Committed personalities include Matthias Sehling and Josef Cardinal . The house has its own catering business and is also used by the city library and the adult education center. The Egerland fountain is located in the outdoor area .


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