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The Eike von Repgow Prize is a cultural prize awarded annually in honor of Eike von Repgow from the state capital Magdeburg and the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg .

The Eike von Repgow Prize is awarded to personalities who have worked on the soil of Saxony-Anhalt . It is intended to promote the academic study of the history and culture of Central Germany and the area of ​​the central Elbe, as well as to remind of the connection between this area and other parts of Europe, especially Western and Eastern Europe.

In a scientific or literary work, the award winner should have dealt in an outstanding way with the historical region of Saxony as a topic of history, legal history, German studies or the social sciences.

The prize is a bronze sculpture by the Magdeburg sculptor Heinrich Apel . It was created on the occasion of the celebration of 800 years of city privilege in 1988 and represents Eike von Repgow herself. The prize is endowed with 2,500 EUR.

Since 2005, the Eike von Repgow Scholarship has been awarded every two years with the Eike von Repgow Prize . This pursues the same funding objectives as the Eike von Repgow Prize. The scholarship is endowed with 5,000 EUR.

Winner of the Eike von Repgow Prize

Winner of the Eike von Repgow Scholarship

  • 2005 Erika Nikolicza
  • 2007 Marion Perrin
  • 2009 Dan Sato and Christian Warnke
  • 2011 Carsten Nahrendorf
  • 2013 Christian Marlow
  • 2015 Pierre Fütterer
  • 2017 Katharina Reeb and Katja Bauer

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