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Eikendorf is a desert in the district of Lutherstadt Eisleben .


It is located in the north-western town hall between Flag Hill and the dump of the Seidelschacht.


The village was first mentioned as Ichendorf in the Hersfeld tithe directory .

From 1256 to 1346, a family of Eykendorf is documented as knightly feudal people of the Mansfeld counts . Presumably they moved to Volkstedt during the chaos of war and the destruction of Eikendorf , as they also had property there.

Many residents left Eikendorf after the chaos of war in 1342, when the city of Eisleben was besieged by the Duke of Braunschweig , and from 1362 in the Halberstadt bishop's feud (another siege of the city of Eisleben). They settled down in front of the Winzer Tor in the so-called "New Village", which not only speaks for the proximity to the villages, but also for the fact that the Church of St. Veit zu Eikendorf was incorporated into the St. Katharinenhospital well before 1400 had been. The Katharinenhospital and the Katharinenkirche were located in the "New Village" right in front of the Winzer Tor (where the "Knappenbrunnen" and the former "Bergschule" are today) .

The settlement was mentioned in various ways in 1256 as Eikendorp , in 1262 as Eykendorff and in 1480 as Eichendorf .

In a document from 1573 it says: "Eichendorf, also a desert mark in front of the city, the citizenship is distributed". The settlement was mentioned for the last time in 1579 as Eickendorff .

Eikendorf was already desolate before 1436.


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Coordinates: 51 ° 33 ′ 0 ″  N , 11 ° 30 ′ 42 ″  E