Single horse (wagon)

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Single horse with rear harness

A single horse carriage is a wagon that is mostly pulled by a horse , or a light horse-drawn tram .

Instead of the drawbar , the single-horse carriage uses scissors, which consist of two bars, the so-called anzen made of wood or metal. It is used by the horse to stop (brake) the cart. The scissor carriers connect the harness with the scissors, so there are no hold- ups , like with a couple. The function of the comb lid is taken over by the selett in single harness. A rear harness is required for single-axle horses to make it easier for the horse to stop.

A single horse is more difficult to drive than a pair , in which the mistakes of one horse are usually compensated for by the other horse.

One-horse tension is the most widespread tension in Germany today , especially in the leisure sector. It is the easiest to realize because no second horse is required , which matches the first horse in terms of physique , gait and temperament.

Individual evidence

  1. Holsteiner double world champion in single horse riding., August 3, 2010.