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Under individual work doing a job is generally meant by a left to its single person.

Individual work in didactics

In the didactics individual work is one of the four social forms ( class teaching ( chalk and talk ), individual work, pair work and group work (teaching) ) that in teaching the school can be used. In the case of individual work, the teacher gives the students a task which they then work on and complete individually, i.e. each for himself. The conditions for individual work are the motivation of the students, the possibility of self-control and differentiation.

  • The advantages of individual work are that the students can work on the tasks at their own pace and learning style. The tasks can be set individually and adapted to the level of the individual. Each student is challenged to develop their own activities so that the lesson content can be applied, practiced and deepened. In addition, differently difficult tasks can be set.
  • The disadvantages of individual work are that it can lead to the isolation of individual students, that they have no socio-educational component and that they run the risk of being idle.

A distinction must be made between working alone . A task is solved by the trainee in individual work without any direct outside help. Individual work steps and solutions are independently developed, reconsidered and transferred to other issues. Self-confidence, individual action and creativity are promoted through individual work.

Individual work as a work organization

In working studies , individual work is defined as work structures in which the work for the complete fulfillment of a task is combined at one workplace. It is to be distinguished from group work (work organization) (see also: work system , work structuring ). In both cases, instead of carrying out tasks based on the division of labor at workplaces that are then logistically linked, the aim is to master complete work tasks with your own freedom of disposition.


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