Ekstra Bladet

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Ekstra Bladet

description Danish tabloid
language Danish
First edition February 12, 1904
Frequency of publication daily, sunday
Sold edition 73,812 copies
(July 2011)
Editor-in-chief Geir Tejre Ruud, Poul Madsen
editor JP / Politikens Hus A / S
Web link ekstrabladet.dk

Ekstra Bladet is a Danish tabloid founded in 1904 . In terms of its importance and reach, the newspaper is the Danish counterpart to the Bild , but a standard edition contains significantly more pages than its German counterpart.

The history of the newspaper began in February 1904 as a separate edition of the daily Politiken on the occasion of the Russo-Japanese War from 1904 to 1905. As Denmark's first real tabloid, the newspaper has competed with Denmark's second major tabloid BT since 1916

The tabloid reached its highest circulation in 1978 with 249,000 copies. Since the advent of the Internet and the appearance of many free newspapers in the 1990s, the newspaper is no longer only in competition with BT, but also with the largest free newspapers in Denmark such as MetroXpress ( publisher Metro International , since 2001) and Urban (2001-2012 ). In July 2011, Ekstra Bladet had an average circulation of 73,812, falling behind BT for the first time.

With the advertising slogan Tør, hvor andre tier! Used since 1964 . (Dare to be silent when others are silent) the newspaper sees itself as an organ of discovery, but it is not infrequently accused of a lack of credibility. The writer Klaus Rifbjerg in particular has repeatedly criticized the newspaper.

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