Elisabeth Bernoulli

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Elisabeth Bernoulli (born December 9, 1873 in Basel , Switzerland ; † February 22, 1935 there ) was a Swiss women's rights activist from the Bernoulli family .


Bernoulli was the daughter of Theodor Bernoulli and the sister of the future architect Hans Bernoulli .

At the age of 29, Bernoulli began to get involved in the Swiss Confederation of Abstinent Women (BAF). In 1907 she was elected to the board of the association's branch in Basel; she held this office until 1912. From that year she acted as a member of the central board.

During these years she worked - partly on a voluntary basis - in the Swiss Central Office for Combating Alcoholism . In 1923 Bernoulli was entrusted with the management of the secretariat, and two years later she was appointed central director of the Swiss BAF. She held this office for four years.

In addition to this work, Bernoulli edited the guide to women's work against alcohol from 1923 to 1933 .

Elisabeth Bernoulli died in Basel on February 22, 1935 at the age of 61.


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