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The term Elite Eight is used in the field of sport and refers to a tournament round with the remaining eight teams in a competition, which have emerged from the top sixteen, the Sweet Sixteen . The winners of the top eight then advance to the semi-finals of the Final Four .

The origin of the term can be found in the US American university sports association National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), where it is used in the NCAA Division I Basketball Championship . The quarter-finals of national competitions in the United States and numerous international competitions are now referred to as Elite Eight or Elite 8.

National competitions in the United States

NCAA Men's Basketball Division 1 (Men)
NCAA Women's Basketball Division 1 (Women)
NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Division 1 (Men)
NCAA Women's Ice Hockey Division 1 (Women)
NCAA Men's Soccer Division I (Men)
NCAA Women's Soccer Division I (women)
NCAA Men's College Football (Men)
NCAA Men's College Baseball (Men)


In the 14th episode of the third season of How I Met Your Mother with the title The Bracket (German: The Avenger ), the course of the March Madness tournament in basketball is exemplified by the ensemble trying to predict which of Barney Stinson's exiles will try women to warn against him. Lily tells him to apologize to the Final Four .

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