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Season 3 of How I Met Your Mother
Original title How I Met Your Mother - Season 3
Episodes 20th
Country of production United StatesUnited States United States
First broadcast September 24, 2007 - May 19, 2008 on CBS
first broadcast
February 21, 2009 - July 4, 2009 on ProSieben
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The third season of the American sitcom How I Met Your Mother had its first broadcast from September 24, 2007 to May 19, 2008 on CBS . The German-language premiere broadcast of the Free TV transmitter ProSieben from 21 February to 4 July in 2009.


Role name actor
Theodore "Ted" Evelyn Mosby Josh Radnor
Marshall Eriksen Jason Segel
Robin Charles Scherbatsky Jr. Cobie Smulders
Barney Stinson Neil Patrick Harris
Lily Aldrin Alyson Hannigan


( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in the USA German language first broadcast (D) Director script
45 1 The Adonis Wait for It Sep 24 2007 Feb 21, 2009 Pamela Fryman Carter Bays & Craig Thomas
Robin spent time in Argentina after separating from Ted and is returning from there with a new friend. He is attractive and Lily and Marshall, unlike Ted, are enthusiastic about him and his attitude to life. Ted then tries to win the breakup and gets involved with a woman from the bar, because of whom he gets a butterfly tattooed while drunk. When he tells Robin that he is angry because she seems to have got over the breakup, she admits how bad she is still.
46 2 We are not from here We're not from here Oct 1, 2007 Feb 28, 2009 Pamela Fryman Chris Harris
Robin tries to maintain the lifestyle that she has cultivated in Argentina. Barney thinks he has better chances with women if he pretends to be a tourist, and convinces Ted to do so too. They let two women show them to New York, but when Ted learns that they actually live in New Jersey, he gets angry and betrays himself and Barney. Robin realizes that she cannot keep her "vacation self". She breaks up with her boyfriend and drives his friends out of her apartment.
47 3 Afraid of the tricycle Third wheel Oct 8, 2007 March 7, 2009 Pamela Fryman David Hemingson
Robin has a date that is going particularly well. Contrary to her intentions, she wants to sleep with the man and tries to shave her legs in the restaurant. Ted meets Trudy with a friend and is given the opportunity to have a threesome, but isn't sure he can take the pressure. Robin falls in the bathroom while shaving and their date goes off with a waitress. Ted doesn't reveal whether he took the opportunity to have the threesome or not.
48 4th Little boys Little boys Oct 15, 2007 March 14, 2009 Rob Greenberg Kourtney Kang
Robin meets with George, the father of one of Lily's kindergarten children. Meanwhile, Barney, Marshall and Ted discuss which of them works best on the opposite sex. Barney and Ted make a bet. Both want to address the same woman in the bar. Since she slaps Barney and has apparently already slept with him, Ted tries his luck, but he does not want to get involved in a discarded conquest of Barney. As it turns out, Barney had lied and is now taking his chance with the woman who has been abandoned by Ted. Robin meets her boyfriend's son, who shows her a picture of his "new mum". Robin doesn't want to see George anymore, but it turns out that the picture shows another woman with whom the man is also meeting.
49 5 Crazy hot How I Met Everyone Else Oct 22, 2007 March 21, 2009 Pamela Fryman Gloria Calderon Kellett
Ted has a new girlfriend. Lily and Marshall talk about how they met. Lily says something pulled her to Marshall's room, whereupon Ted admits that he thinks he kissed Lily while drunk a few days earlier. When they both confess to Marshall, he says they both kissed someone else, which is true. Ted's new girlfriend turns out to be crazy, jealous of Robin and Lily, and breaks up with Ted.
50 6th That's not me I'm not that guy Oct 29, 2007 March 28, 2009 Pamela Fryman Jonathan Groff
Barney discovers a porn film whose leading actor is Ted Mosby. While Ted and Barney find a man at the Adult Video Expo who went to school with Ted and admiringly uses Ted's name for his porn career, Lily confesses to Robin that she has a shopping problem and that she has tons of debt. So Lily persuades her husband to take an interview with Nicholson, Hewitt & West. Although she represents all values ​​that Marshall rejects, the very high salary moves Marshall to take the job. Marshall did not find out about Lily's financial worries, but said yes to NH&W, since he would only be responsible for the "Tuckahoe Funland" theme park, the "least evil place in the world", which turns out to be a fallacy.
51 7th Forensics Dowisetrepla Nov 5, 2007 Apr 4, 2009 Pamela Fryman Brenda Hsueh
Marshall and Lily are annoyed by Ted and want to buy their own apartment, which turns out to be difficult because of Lily's debts. Barney uses one of the apartments that are for sale to invite a woman there. Lily and Marshall buy the apartment despite their debts, and it turns out that the apartment is near the smelly animal carcass disposal facility.
52 8th Happiness and glass Spoiler alert Nov 12, 2007 Apr 11, 2009 Pamela Fryman Stephen Lloyd
Marshall can't get his bar exam results because he forgot his password. Ted met a new woman named Cathy whom he was dying to introduce to his friends. But his friends barely understand that Ted has not yet noticed Cathy's greatest flaw: she talks a lot. After Ted suddenly realizes this, a series of further revelations begins. When an argument breaks out, they also remember a combination of words Marshall sang for hours. This turns out to be his password, with which he now has access to the exam results and finds out that he has passed and is thus a lawyer. Then everyone gets along again. Ted soon breaks up with Cathy and she finds a man for herself who is appropriately deaf.
53 9 Slap giving Slapsgiving Nov 19, 2007 Apr 18, 2009 Pamela Fryman Matt Kuhn
Robin and Ted still can't be friends after their separation, and Robin has recently been dating an older man. When Robin and Ted try to bake a cake, they fight and end up sleeping together. Marshall wants to slap Barney in the face - this announcement scares Barney so much that Lily first forbids Marshall to hit him, but ultimately allows him to. Robin and Ted realize that they are still friends after all.
54 10 Sweat, tears and Heidi The Yips Nov 26, 2007 Apr 25, 2009 Pamela Fryman Jamie Rhonheimer
The friends decide to go to the gym together. It is there that Barney meets the first woman he has slept with. After she tells him that the sex with him wasn't great, Barney loses his confidence and fails to approach one of the models at a Victoria's Secret party. Marshall suffers from his strict fitness trainer, which he ultimately passes on to Ted, who never trained in the studio. Barney has sex with the woman again and is able to regain his confidence.
55 11 The platinum rule The Platinum Rule Dec 10, 2007 May 2, 2009 Pamela Fryman Carter Bays & Craig Thomas
Ted wants to go out with his dermatologist, Stella. The friends are against it, and each of them tells a story that proves why you shouldn't get involved with someone you still have to deal with after the breakup. It turns out that Stella didn't want a date, she just invited Ted to a movie night with friends because she is not allowed to do anything with patients.
56 12 Do bad, reap good No Tomorrow March 17, 2008 May 9, 2009 Pamela Fryman Carter Bays & Craig Thomas
It's St. Patrick's Day and Ted is dating Barney, who believes that bad deeds reap good. Ted tries this and it seems to work. Marshall and Lily show Robin their new apartment, which turns out to be crooked. The next morning Ted realizes that he was just drunk and actually behaved obnoxiously all evening.
57 13 Ten sessions Ten sessions March 24, 2008 May 16, 2009 Pamela Fryman Chris Harris, Carter Bays & Craig Thomas
Ted has a small butterfly removed from his bottom in ten sessions, trying to persuade Stella, the dermatologist, to go on a date. However, this refuses again and again. Ted decides not to be fobbed off so easily. The nurse Abby falls in love with Ted, which causes him additional problems. Although Ted is not interested in her, he is noticeably nice to her in order to make a good impression on Stella. Since Ted does not stop with Stella, Barney seizes the opportunity and tears up Abby. After his 10th session, Ted surprises Stella with a 2-minute date, because Stella's lunch break is just as short, which ultimately convinces Stella.
58 14th The avenger The bracket March 31, 2008 May 23, 2009 Pamela Fryman Joe Kelly
A mysterious woman warns other women about Barney. To find out who it is, the friends go over all of Barney's women and discuss which one he did the worst to. Her approach is an example of the tournament course ( bracket ) of March Madness in college basketball . Lily expects Barney to apologize to the four most meanly treated women, the Final Four . The apologies don't necessarily go very well. In the end, Barney hasn't found the stranger yet.
59 15th The chain of yelling The chain of screaming Apr 14, 2008 May 30, 2009 Pamela Fryman Carter Bays & Craig Thomas
Ted buys a car. Marshall has been yelled at by his boss and is wondering how to react. Thanks to Barney, he finally yells back and quits his job in anger. This is problematic because the couple's new apartment has not yet been paid for. Ted sells his car and lends Marshall the money he needs.
60 16 Childhood love Sandcastles in the sand Apr 21, 2008 June 6, 2009 Pamela Fryman Kourtney Kang
An ex-boyfriend of Robin's, Simon, visits her and she is still enthusiastic about him, although he has evidently achieved nothing and has aged noticeably. She meets with him against the will of her friends. It turns out that Simon knows Robin because he starred in her second music video. After knowing about this video, Barney is looking for it everywhere. Robin and Simon meet until Simon breaks up with her again. Injured and disappointed, she is comforted by Barney. Robin shows him the video of her second song. Finally, Barney and Robin kiss.
61 17th The goat The Goat Apr 28, 2008 June 13, 2009 Pamela Fryman Stephen Lloyd
Robin and Barney slept together and want to keep it to themselves, but both have a guilty conscience. It's Ted's birthday and there's a party going on. In his apartment, Ted finds a goat that Lily saved from the butcher. Robin admits her night with Barney to Ted, but he's not mad at her. But he ends the friendship with Barney, by whom he feels betrayed.
62 18th The gap filler Rebound Bro May 5, 2008 June 20, 2009 Pamela Fryman Jamie Rhonheimer
Barney and Ted still haven't made up. Barney is therefore looking for a new friend, but in the end has to be content with a rather inadequate candidate, who he can still help to find a wife. Stella confesses to Ted that she hasn't had sex for five years and is angry when Ted tells his friends, but forgives him and introduces him to her daughter.
63 19th Everything must Go Everything must go May 12, 2008 June 27, 2009 Pamela Fryman Jonathan Groff & Chris Harris
Lily tries to sell her paintings to raise money for artisans. Barney is sabotaged by a stranger and when he recognizes her as the nurse Abby, he fakes a relationship with her in order to hold up the mirror to Ted. At first nobody wants to buy Lily's works, but a vet fishes them out of the trash and it turns out that the pictures have a calming effect on dogs, whereupon Lily sells more pictures to the vet. Abby is starting to take his relationship with Barney seriously and he leaves her.
64 20th Wonder after wonder Miracles May 19, 2008 4th July 2009 Pamela Fryman Carter Bays & Craig Thomas
Ted tries to break up with Stella, but Stella gets him wrong and thinks it's just an argument. Ted is in a car accident in a taxi but is uninjured. But when Barney hears that Ted is in the hospital, he walks all the way there and is hit by a bus. When Barney is badly injured in the hospital bed, he and Ted make up again. Ted thinks about what's important to him and proposes to Stella.

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