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The leading actors from left to right: Neil Patrick Harris ( Barney Stinson ), Cobie Smulders ( Robin Scherbatsky ), Jason Segel ( Marshall Eriksen ), Alyson Hannigan ( Lily Aldrin ), Josh Radnor ( Ted Mosby )

This article lists characters from the US TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother .

main characters

Ted Mosby

Josh Radnor (2013)

Theodore "Ted" Evelyn Mosby (played by Josh Radnor ) is the protagonist and narrator of the series. He tells his children Penny and Luke in 2030 how he met their mother. Occasionally he “censors” the plot a little by using more harmless vocabulary instead of expletives or by covering up questionable behaviors, e.g. B. he speaks of eating a sandwich instead of smoking weed . His voice is spoken in the original language by Bob Saget . Ted comes from Shaker Heights, near Cleveland , Ohio, and has a younger sister. His full name is Theodore Evelyn Mosby , which is why he is occasionally raised by his friends. At the beginning of the series, Ted is 27 years old and has just finished his architectural studies at Wesleyan University in Connecticut . He lives in a shared apartment with his best friend Marshall and his girlfriend Lily . After the two get engaged in the pilot, Ted decides to find his own soulmate. This quest sets the general direction of the series and is heavily influenced by Ted's relationships with the other main characters Marshall Eriksen, Lily Aldrin, Robin Scherbatsky and Barney Stinson .

Ted embodies the intellectual part of the circle of friends; he is very well read, likes to drink wine and is an absolute romantic. He speaks French and has a good command of written and spoken Spanish , even if not flawlessly. Ted has a strong tendency to correct everything that people around him say. As a child he was a member of a detective club, the "Mosby Boys", and tried several times in the course of the series unsuccessfully to prove his alleged skills as a detective. Ted is looking for his dream woman who shares his interests, gets married and wants to have two children. In doing so, he often behaves a bit neurotic , which may be because he is reluctant to deviate from his dream image. He is also prone to socially questionable romantic gestures; In the pilot, for example, he steals a blue French post horn (nickname: "The Smurf Dummy"), which is a topic of conversation on his first date with Robin, and then scares them off with a premature declaration of love. In a similar manner, he dresses up for Halloween every year , in the hope of meeting a woman he once met at a Halloween party. When they finally meet again in the seventh season, their brief love affair turns into a disaster.

In the course of the series, Ted leads several serious relationships with women, but they break up for various reasons: in the first season this is the confectioner Victoria, who receives a scholarship in Germany and thus moves away from New York. The attempt to have a long-distance relationship fails. Then Ted meets up with Robin after all. After a year, however, they split up again due to different views of the future. When he had a butterfly tattoo removed in the third season , which he had gotten drunk, he met the dermatologist Stella. He becomes engaged to her at the end of the third season, but is left on the day of Stella’s wedding. In the sixth season, Ted meets the (at the time still) married activist Zoey. However, the relationship doesn't last long either.

In the fifth season, Ted becomes Professor of Architecture at Columbia University . His big dream is to add his own building to the New York skyline . This dream comes true over the course of the eighth season, when the new headquarters he designed for the fictional Goliath National Bank (GNB) is completed.

At the end of season eight, Ted plans to head to Chicago after Robin and Barney's wedding to finalize with Robin, whom he still has feelings for. But when he finally meets the eponymous mother of his children, Tracy McConnell, and falls in love with her, he decides to stay in New York. Seven years later, Ted and Tracy were married on a Thursday in the presence of their friends. Their children were born in 2015 (daughter Penny) and 2017 (son Luke). Tracy dies of an undisclosed disease in 2024. At the end of his story, Ted is encouraged by his children in 2030 to resume his relationship with Robin (who has long since divorced Barney). The series ends with Ted appearing in front of Robin's window with the blue horn, which he steals again.

Marshall Eriksen

Jason Segel

Marshall Eriksen (played by Jason Segel ) is Ted's best friend and is from St. Cloud , Minnesota . Marshall, like his entire family, is quite tall. Nevertheless, at 1.95 meters tall, he is the smallest in the family. He is a carefree, sometimes naive optimist , and is particularly noticeable for his warmth, which makes him the most compassionate character in the group. At the beginning of the series he drives a Pontiac Fiero , which for him represents a particularly sentimental value. He tries to keep this for as long as possible, but the oldtimer finally stops shortly before its 200,000th mile driven.

Marshall and Ted have known each other since college, where both roommates were. They became best friends on a trip to Ohio where they got lost and got caught in a snow storm . Their friendship is an integral part and the only stable relationship throughout the series. Marshall helps Ted through every phase of his separation and, conversely, Ted is there for Marshall when Lily leaves him for a few months at the end of the first season. To help Marshall out of financial distress, Ted is reselling his newly acquired car (a blue Toyota Camry Hybrid ), which he was able to afford after a raise in salary.

Marshall has been in a relationship with kindergarten teacher Lily Aldrin since college . At the beginning of the series, it's been nine years. In the pilot, he makes a marriage proposal to Lily, which she accepts. Towards the end of the season, however, she begins to doubt her decision as she fears that her relationship with Marshall will never give her the opportunity to realize herself. She leaves Marshall at the end of the season and goes to San Francisco to devote herself to her real passion, painting . When Lily was certified by her art course instructor to have the greatest possible freedom of talent, she regretted her step and returned to New York. She manages to win Marshall back and the two finally get married at the end of the second season. They are married by Barney, who holds the license for it. Before that, the wedding has been postponed a total of two times: the first time due to the separation, the second time when shortly after their reunification they decide to run away to Atlantic City and get married with close friends. Ultimately, they decide in favor of a conventional wedding and have the marriage they just signed annulled.

Marshall is studying law with the aim of becoming a lawyer to fight against the big corporations and for environmental protection . Due to financial hardship, however, he worked as a lawyer in the legal department of Goliath National Bank after graduating from university after Barney found him the position. Later he realized his dream and hired a law firm that deals with environmental sins. At the end of the eighth season he is aiming for a career as a judge .

In the seventh season, Lily and Marshall become parents of a son. In the ninth season we learn that they have two more children. Marshall pursues a career as a judge and even holds a post on the United States Supreme Court .

Barney Stinson

Neil Patrick Harris (2008)

Barney Stinson (played by Neil Patrick Harris ) is a very good friend of Ted, although Barney himself repeatedly emphasizes that he is Ted's best friend. He met him in MacLaren’s Bar, where Barney suddenly sat down with Ted and told him that he would teach him "how to live". As the series progresses, Barney urges Ted to enjoy life to the fullest and do crazy things with him. Ted is Barney's "wingman" when he's not in a relationship.

Barney was born on Staten Island in 1976 and grew up there with his dark-skinned, homosexual half-brother James and his mother Loretta. Until the 19th episode of the sixth season, Barney only knows his father Jerry as his uncle. He also meets his stepmother and younger half-brother Jerome Jr. Until then, he was telling himself that quiz master Bob Barker was his father. Therefore, he also took part in the game show The price is hot , which is moderated by the latter. In his childhood Barney suffered from ADD , as mentioned in the third episode of the fifth season. He loves laser tag and enjoys drinking scotch whiskey and Red Bull . In the seventh season you learn that his grandmother was born in Manitoba , so he himself is of Canadian descent.

Barney's trademark is that he always wears bespoke suits , even in his free time . In addition, he is characterized by his saying "That will be - ... it will be soon ... -där" (in the original: "That's gonna be laying ... wait for it ... dary" ). When Marshall's son Marvin is born, Barney makes his buddy promise to determine his middle name. Marshall's son is given the full name of Marvin Wartenoch (in the original: "Waitforit") Eriksen. Another saying that Barney often uses, at least in the original, is "Suit up" . He repeatedly describes himself in the original as awesome , which means fantastic in German.

Barney works for the parent company of Goliath National Bank and has a high income there, which enables him to lead a generous lifestyle. When asked about his job, Barney tends to answer with a mocking laugh, followed by a "Please" (in the original: "Please"). Only in the ninth season, however, do you find out what position he holds there. "Please" therefore stands for "Provide Legal Excuse And Sign Everything" (something like "Provide legal excuses and sign everything"). It turns out his job is a large-scale plot . Barney uses the information obtained about illegal activities to bring his superior, who once ripped off his girlfriend, to prison.

Barney is strictly against relationships or marriage and basically only goes for one-night stands . In order to get to know women, he comes up with a lot, which means that he is very popular with women. He creates a description of his strategies in his playbook . He got his attitude towards relationships at 23 after his then girlfriend Shannon betrayed him and broke up with him. Before that he was a hippie who wanted to go to Nicaragua with the Peace Corps . From season five, Barney also has longer relationships, including with Robin. In the course of the series, they let this relationship revive for a short time and even get married at the end of the ninth season. The marriage is divorced after three years, however, as Robin travels a lot due to her career as a journalist and her marriage falls short in the long run. After the divorce, Barney falls back into his old behavior. In the ninth season, we learn that he is going to be the father of a daughter (Ellie) whom he fathered at one of his one-night stands.

Robin Scherbatsky

Cobie Smulders (2008)

Robin Scherbatsky , actually Robin Charles Scherbatsky Jr. meets Ted in the first episode of the series, who immediately falls in love with her. She is played by Cobie Smulders and has been an integral part of the group of five around Ted, Barney, Marshall and Lily since the series began. She grew up in Vancouver, Canada and has a younger sister named Katie. She got her rather masculine name because of her father, who had actually wanted a son and therefore treated her like a boy until she reached puberty . The questionable methods of education her father have a large impact on Robins adult personality: she smokes cigars , likes hockey , drinking Scotch and absolute Waffennärrin. On the other hand, she has a marked aversion to children and romance. Robin is especially drawn to men with (war) scars, especially when it comes to combat or sports injuries, such as bruises and missing teeth. At the age of 16, Robin was a pop star in Canada under the name Robin Sparkles . Her songs Let's Go To The Mall and Sandcastles In The Sand were her only hits. As an adult, Robin is ashamed of her short music career and hides it from her friends. Barney, who was actually on the hunt for suspected Robin porn , stumbled upon videos that reveal Robin's past as a pop star.

At the beginning of the series, Robin is a newscaster for the New York news channel "Metro News 1" and later gets her own morning talk show, which is broadcast at 4:00 in the morning and therefore has hardly any viewers. In the course of the series she worked for various news channels, at times even in Japan , until she returned to New York and, after a long period of unemployment, became the presenter of her own news magazine with Barney's help.

Robin is portrayed as an independent, confident, and career-focused woman. She declares several times that she does not want to get married or have children. Although she is aware of Ted's future intentions (marry, children), she enters into relationships with him several times, which ultimately fail precisely because of these. As a result, their relationship alternates between friendship and love several times over the course of the series. Ted is Robin's voice of reason, and she turns to him often for encouragement or advice. Although she never planned to have children, Robin is devastated by the news that she cannot have one.

As the series progresses, Robin also develops feelings for Barney. Their first relationship fails, but at the end of the eighth season, Barney manages to win her back and he asks for her hand. The ninth season deals in great detail with the 56 hours before Robin's wedding to Barney, which the friends spend at the Farhampton Inn Hotel in a fictional suburb of New York. During the course of the season, Robin is confronted again with her feelings for Ted. On her wedding day, she even briefly doubted her decision to join Barney after learning of the effort Ted had to find a locket that Robin buried years earlier in Central Park , but was unable to locate. She takes this as a sign that she should rather be with Ted. Ted then tells her that he no longer loves her that way. She finally marries Barney after he swears to be honest with her at all times.

The series finale reveals that Barney and Robin are divorcing after three years because their hectic travel schedule prevents them from spending time together. At first she remains friends with him and the rest of the group. However, a few years later, she realizes that she has become too estranged from her friends and breaks away from the group. She returns in 2020 for the wedding of Ted and the eponymous mother, Tracy. Robin is a very successful newscaster in 2030 and lives in New York with her dogs. In the last scene of the series, Ted, now widowed, appears at her window and shows her the blue horn, which he apparently kept as a reminder of their previous relationship, with the intention of asking her out on a new date.

Lily Aldrin

Alyson Hannigan

Lily Aldrin (played by Alyson Hannigan ) is the girlfriend and future wife of Marshall Eriksen. She grew up in the Brooklyn borough of New York and is of Swedish and Irish descent. Her parents Janice and Mickey Aldrin divorced when Lily was a child. Lily's father is an unsuccessful inventor of board games who lives in his parents' basement. Lily has a difficult relationship with him; she claims that he broke her heart every day for years. During her high school and college years, Lily was part of the Gothic subculture, dying her hair jet black and wearing signature Goth clothing. At school she was with a boy named Scooter because he reminded her of Kurt Cobain . She confessed this to him on prom day and separated from him.

Lily met Marshall during her freshman year at Wesleyan University. At the beginning of the series she works as a kindergarten teacher, is very interested in art and also paints herself. In the first season Marshall asks for Lily's hand, and she agrees. However, she increasingly fears that she has missed a lot of life because of her relationship with Marshall. These doubts eventually lead to her leaving New York (and thus Marshall) for an arts scholarship in San Francisco at the end of the season . Upon her return, Lily confesses that this decision was a mistake, but it takes time for Marshall to forgive her. Soon after, they get engaged again and get married at the end of the second season. Lily keeps her last name. During the sixth season, Marshall and Lily try to get pregnant, which initially does not work. At the end of the seventh season, they finally become parents of a son who - in memory of Marshall's recently deceased father - is named Marvin W. Eriksen. At Barney's request, Marvin is given the middle name Wartenoch (Originally: "Wait-for-it" ). During this pregnancy, Lily reconciles with her father Mickey.

In season eight, Lily takes a job as the captain's art advisor who, at the end of the season, offers her to move to Italy to do her job . She declines the offer because she doesn't want to stand in the way of Marshall's career as an environmental lawyer. Marshall convinces her to accept the offer, however, and the two prepare to move to Rome. In the season finale, however, Marshall takes on a judge's office without telling Lily. When she learns about it during the ninth season, a big argument breaks out between the two. Since it turns out that Lily is pregnant again, Marshall decides to turn down the judge's office offered to him in Lily's favor. On Robin and Barney's wedding day, Lily and Marshall renew their vows. Looking ahead, one learns that their daughter Daisy will be born in Italy. The series finale shows that Lily will have a third child a few years later. She remains happily married to Marshall, who eventually becomes a judge at a Supreme Court.

Lily's biggest weaknesses are her shopping addiction and the fact that she cannot keep secrets to herself. With her friends (especially Barney), and even strangers, Lily often behaves like their educator. She likes to take other people's items in order to punish them for “improper” behavior. Lily is adept at manipulating people and situations when it comes to getting her way through. Her special gift is to break up couples who, in her eyes, do not match. That's why Barney and Ted call her diabolical , pure evil, or psychopath . Lily is known to have a distinct need for regular sex. She also has a certain sexual interest in women, and repeatedly admits that she finds Robin sexually attractive. Lily, Ted, and Marshall used marijuana occasionally during their college years (and at their college alumni reunion 20 years later) . When Ted tells this to his children on the show, he describes the events as eating sandwiches instead of smoking weed in order to cover up the truth.

Supporting roles


The Mosbys

Tracy McConnell (Ted's wife)

She is a central figure in the series as the entire story is based on her. Your identity is unknown to the viewer until the eighth season finale. Ted meets her in the final episode of season 9.

On her 21st birthday - which is also Ted and Robin's meeting day - Tracy McConnell learns of the sudden death of her then boyfriend Max. After the funeral service, she finds Max's last present in her apartment: a ukulele. The mother spends the next few years processing the loss of her great love.

During the series, some clues are given that Ted's future wife was studying economics and was in the same classroom that Ted got lost in on his first day as a professor and started teaching architecture. It is also mentioned that his future wife was present at a St. Patrick's Day party that Ted and Barney attended. The morning after, Ted takes the yellow umbrella she left behind at the party. About two years later, Ted unknowingly goes out with her former roommate Cindy and leaves the umbrella in her apartment after the separation - so that the mother gets her umbrella back. In one episode, Ted jokingly mentioned to his children that a stripper named Tracey was their mother, which made them extremely scared. Although Ted immediately reassured his children by saying that this was not true, the fact that the mother's name turns out to be Tracy in the finale makes the children's reaction fully understandable.

In the final episode of season seven, it is revealed that Barney and Robin will get married and that Ted will meet the mother on their wedding day. In the ninth season, the mother appears after the wedding with a bass guitar and the yellow umbrella at Farhampton train station, while Ted waits there for his train at the same time. Before that, she has already met all of his friends: First, Barney, whom she encourages in a review to fight for Robin. On the train ride to his wedding, the mother meets Lily. When she is driving her van near Farhampton at night, she picks up Marshall with Marvin on the side of the road and takes her to the hotel where Lily is waiting for them. On the way it becomes clear that she plays bass guitar in the band that was hired for the wedding.

In the series finale, the mother's name, Tracy McConnell, is revealed. Shortly before she gets to know Ted, she is with Lois for a long time, whose marriage proposal she rejects and separates from him. Because of this, Tracy is initially reluctant to date Ted, but they become a couple after their first kiss. In a flash forward, Ted proposes to his mother at the top of a lighthouse near the Farhampton Inn, which she accepts. Another flash forward shows the mother pregnant with her second child, Luke, in 2017. During another visit to Farhampton, she goes into labor and is taken to the hospital by Ted.

Throughout the series, Ted from 2030 always uses the past tense when it comes to the mother of his children. Before all other indications, this led many viewers to the assumption that the mother had already died in 2030, which was also confirmed in the series finale; she dies in 2024, six years before Ted's story begins.

Penny and Luke Mosby (Ted's children)

Ted's children (played by David Henrie and Lyndsy Fonseca as teenagers ) can often be seen at the beginning of individual episodes. You have to listen to the story of how her father met her mother. At first they see it as a punishment, but every now and then they develop into interested listeners. Their names will be known in season 9. Although Ted wanted to name his children after the two characters Luke Skywalker and his sister Leia because of his passion for Star Wars , the daughter got a different first name. The series tells us that Penny was born in 2015 and Luke was born in 2017. All scenes with the children were only filmed up to the 2nd season to keep the age authentic. As a result, Ted's descendants rarely go into the content in later seasons.

Virginia and Alfred Mosby

Virginia (played by Cristine Rose ) and Alfred Mosby ( Michael Gross ) are Ted's parents. As the series progresses, Ted learns that they have secretly divorced, but continue to play the happy couple for their children. This is mainly due to Virginia's peculiarity of always glossing over everything and avoiding unpleasant topics. When the dizziness is exposed, Ted learns that his mother already has a new boyfriend, Clint, with whom she lives and later gets married. Alfred Mosby's hobby is beer brewing.


Clint (played by Harry Groener ) is Virginia's husband and therefore Ted and Heather's stepfather. He is a painter and a musician.


Stacy ( Moon Unit Zappa ) is Ted's cousin. She is very religious and lives on Staten Island with her family. She is married and has several children.

Heather Mosby

Heather (played by Erin Cahill ) is Ted's little sister. He considers her naive and irresponsible, but later realizes that she has grown up.

The Eriksens

Marvin Eriksen Sr.

Mr. Eriksen Sr. (played by Bill Fagerbakke ) is the head of the Eriksen family and thus Marshall's father, one of the five main characters who calls his father a kind of friend. He was born in 1951 and dies of a heart attack in season six. This hits Marshall particularly hard, as he had a particularly friendly relationship with his father. Marshall and Lily later christen their son after Marshall's father. Marvin Sr. Eriksen is often a bit vulgar and conservative in expressing himself.

Judy Eriksen

Judy (played by Suzie Plakson ) is Marshall's very conservative, overprotective mother. At first, she doesn't trust Lily to do a lot of things that, in her opinion, a Marshall wife should be able to do. After the death of her husband, she begins to accept Lily as a new part of her family. Judy loves her son very much, but she is increasingly annoyed by him when he lives with her again for a long time. Only with Lily's help does she get rid of him. During the eighth season, she begins a love affair with Lily's father Micky.

Marvin Wartenoch Eriksen

Lily and Marshall's son is born at the end of the seventh season and messes up the lives of the young family. His middle name is "Wait-for-it" (Eng. Wait )

Daisy Eriksen

Daisy Eriksen is the daughter of Lily and Marshall, who was born towards the end of season 9.

Marcus Eriksen

Marcus ( Ned Rolsma ) is Marshall's brother who still lives at home with his mother. In the fourth episode of the eighth season, it is learned that Marcus has two children (Martin & Marcus Jr.). By calling Marcus, Marshall learns that he has emigrated and opened a beach bar.

Marvin Eriksen Jr.

Marvin Jr. ( Robert Michael Ryan ) is Marshall's brother, but he is not seen often. His wife is Ashley Eriksen, his son Martin.

Ashley Eriksen

Ashley Eriksen ( Jennifer Ann Wilson ) is the wife of Marshall's brother Marvin Eriksen Jr. and the mother of Martin Eriksen. At family celebrations, she always helps her mother-in-law Judy Eriksen prepare the mayonnaise salad.

Martin Eriksen

Martin is the son of Marvin Eriksen Jr. and Ashley Eriksen. You only see him in a Thanksgiving episode in the first season. Since Martin is far too big for his age, Lily is afraid that she will have to give birth to such a "giant baby" later on.

The Aldrins

Chris Elliott at San Diego Comic-Con in July 2011
Mickey Aldrin

Mickey (played by Chris Elliott ) is Lily's father. Lily has a problematic relationship with him as he was never particularly caring. His main job is to invent board games, some of which are featured in TV advertisements within the plot. He also does excessive sports betting. In season eight, it turns out that he was a good father before he became addicted to gambling (Lily can't remember that because she was too young). He takes on the care of his grandson Marvin after Lily and Marshall cannot find a suitable nanny for the baby.

Janice Aldrin

Janice ( Meagen Fay ) is Lily's mother and lives separately from Mickey Aldrin. She appears extremely rarely in the series. Lily describes her mother as a feminist.

Rita and Morris Aldrin

Rita ( Christina Pickles ) and Morris ( Jack Walsh ) Aldrin are Lily's grandparents and Mickey Aldrin's parents. They bequeath their house to Lily and Marshall, which they sell after a while because they prefer to live in New York City.

Lois (Lily's grandmother)

Lois (played by K Callan ) is the mother of Janice Aldrin and therefore Lily's maternal grandmother. Nothing is known about her husband or Lily's grandfather.

The Stinsons

Loretta Stinson

Loretta (played by Frances Conroy ) is Barney's mother. She used to live very promiscently and wanted to be father and mother to her children at the same time, which, as she later admits, didn't really work. Even though she lied to her children a lot, she was always a loving mother.

Jerome Whittaker

Jerome ( John Lithgow ) is Barney's biological father. Barney used to call him Uncle Jerry as a child, thinking it was his uncle. When Barney was very young, Jerome turned away from him and later started a new family with two children. When Barney finds out that Jerome is his father, he gets back in touch with him. After a few teething problems, their relationship is good again.

James Stinson

James (played by Wayne Brady ) is Barney's half-brother. He's gay and dark-skinned. His father is Sam Gibbs ( Ben Vereen ). James used to live the same lifestyle as Barney and always wore suits. Later, however, James becomes engaged to his partner Tom and settles down. He and Tom adopt two children together, Eli and Sadie, but later divorce. At the end of the 9th season they come together again.

Jerome Jr. and Carly Whittaker

Jerome Jr. ( Will Shadley ) and Carly ( Ashley Benson ) are Barney's half-siblings. It was rumored that Carly would be the mother of Ted's children. But this was refuted in the course of the series.


Leslie (played by Kristin Denehy ) is Barney's cousin. He runs into her by chance in a club where he tries to go blind one evening : So he doesn't know who he's dancing with. Shortly before Barney wants to kiss her, he realizes with horror that it is his cousin. Barney is extremely embarrassed about the incident and wants no one except Ted and Leslie to ever find out about it.

The Scherbatskys

Robin Scherbatsky Sr.

Robin Charles Scherbatsky Sr. (played by Eric Braeden and Ray Wise ) is Robin's father and the ex-husband of Robin's mother Genevieve Scherbatsky ( Tracey Ullman ). He always wanted a son. When Robin was born, he didn't care that it was a girl and named her after himself. He also always treated her like a boy. He went fishing, hunting, drinking scotch with her and teaching her to play ice hockey. He recognized her as a woman late. It takes Barney's full power of persuasion to earn the respect of his father-in-law, which he doesn't really manage until the end of the series.

Genevieve Scherbatsky

Genevieve Scherbatsky ( Tracey Ullman ) is Robin's mother and the divorced wife of Scherbatsky Sr., Robin's father. Genevieve has an aerophobia and can make exceptionally tasty scrambled eggs. She only appears in season 9, when she surprisingly - after a cancellation - but comes to the wedding of Robin and Barney. Before that, it is almost never mentioned.

Katie Scherbatsky

Katie ( Lucy Hale ) is Robin's younger sister. Once she visits with her first boyfriend Kyle Robin in New York, but he separates from her later. Katie can also be seen in the final season, where she plays ice hockey with her sister shortly before Robin's wedding.

Work colleagues

Sandy Rivers ( Alexis Denisof )

Sandy Rivers

Sandy Rivers (played by Alexis Denisof ) is a work colleague of Robin, who overwhelms her with his mostly clumsy and sexist sayings. He is very self-confident and repeatedly claims to be on a relationship with Robin when that is not true. Robin goes out with him once to make Ted jealous. Sandy later becomes Robin's boss.

In real life, Alexis Denisof is the husband of Alyson Hannigan , who plays the main character Lily.

Hammond Druthers

Mr. Druthers ( Bryan Cranston ) is Ted's boss at first. When he was planning a building in the shape of a penis for a bank and his design was rejected, Ted was able to convince the bank representatives of his own design. Ted becomes project manager and Hammond's boss. Ted fires him shortly afterwards and loses his popularity among his colleagues, as Hammond suffers a heart attack due to the termination, but Ted does not believe him at first and mocks the man in front of the assembled team.

Randy Wharmpess

Randy ( Will Forte ) is a colleague of Barney and Marshall. He is supposed to replace Ted as Barney's "excavator partner", which initially goes wrong. Randy later realizes his dream and becomes a successful beer brewer.

Arthur Hobbs

Bob Odenkirk (2005)

Arthur Hobbs ( Bob Odenkirk ) is an employee of Goliath National Bank (GNB) and is the boss of Marshall Erikson. Before joining GNB, he worked at Nicholson, Hewitt & West, where he was Marshall's boss. He is a family man and lives separately from his ex-wife. Hobbs owns a dog named Tug, whom he loves dearly.

Gary Blauman

Gary ( Taran Killam ) is a colleague of Barney and Marshall's at Goliath National Bank, serving in the Legal Department. He is teased again and again by the other employees. In season 9, it is revealed that Blauman is gay and had an affair with Barney's brother James. In real life, Taran Killam is married to Cobie Smulders , the Robin actress.


Ted's relationships


Victoria (played by Ashley Williams ) is with Ted in the first season. The two get to know each other at Stuart and Claudia's wedding. She is a pastry chef by profession , which is why she contributed the cake for the wedding. At the end of the first season they end their relationship as Victoria moves to Germany to study there. They try a long-distance relationship first, but it fails. In the second episode of the seventh season, the two see each other again at an evening event. In the same season, Ted calls Victoria one last time to arrange a date with her. Robin had previously convinced him that Victoria was "right" for him. When they meet at MacLaren’s , Victoria wears a wedding dress and tells Ted that she is getting married in a few minutes, but is still in love with him. Since Ted does not want to destroy the relationship between Victoria and her fiancé, he denies existing feelings and drives her to the church where she is supposed to get married. Once there, however, he does not stop, but drives with her towards the sunset and confesses his love to her.

At the beginning of the eighth season, Ted and Victoria are again a couple. But the relationship is strained by Victoria's ex-fiancé, different ideas about order and Ted's reluctance to ask Victoria for her hand. When Ted finally proposes her marriage, Victoria demands in return that Ted give up the friendship with Robin, as she sees the relationship still threatened by Robin. Although Ted is seriously considering it, he chooses against Victoria.

Stella Zinman
Sarah Chalke , starring Stella Zinman

Stella Zinman (played by Sarah Chalke ) is Ted's dermatologist. They meet when Ted has a butterfly tattoo removed from his back. Ted is immediately taken with Stella and wants to meet her. Stella initially rejects this, as she is not allowed to have a relationship with patients. When Ted's tattoo removal is finished, Stella and Ted become a couple. At the end of the third season, the two get engaged, but Stella leaves Ted on the wedding day for Tony, the father of her daughter Lucy. The story of the relationship between Ted and Stella is processed by Tony into a comedy film in the fifth season, which strongly distorts the facts to Ted's disadvantage.


Karen (played by Laura Prepon ) was Ted's friend in college. However, she had cheated on him several times, which is why Ted ended the relationship. In the fourth season, Ted starts dating her again. This is particularly displeasing to Marshall and Lily, as they hate Karen for their wrongdoings and fear that she will hurt Ted again. A little later, Ted and Karen are caught inflagranti by their actual current boyfriend , which Ted still does not take as an opportunity to end the relationship. A little later, Karen leaves Ted, which Lily is responsible for. Shortly after the reconciliation, Ted separates from Karen because she forbids him to continue seeing his friends.

Zoey Pierson
Jennifer Morrison at the Tribeca Film Festival , April 2012

Zoey (played by Jennifer Morrison ) is the ex-girlfriend of Ted Mosby and the ex-wife of George Van Smoot, a wealthy art lover. She is often active as a demonstrator and campaigns for buildings, people or animals without the possibility of participation. She meets Ted during an action to preserve the Arcadian Hotel, an old building in need of renovation, which is to be demolished for the new building of the headquarters of the Goliath National Bank (GNB), the construction of which Ted is leading as an architect. Ted finds her attractive and tries to find a new location for the GNB building in order to win Zoey over. When he realizes she is married to George Van Smoot, he gives up his efforts to change locations. Some time later, Zoey railed against him in an article and incited Ted's students against him, which is why the two become enemies. The night before Thanksgiving , she meets his group of friends, which includes Lilly, Marshall, Robin and Barney. They spend an exciting night with a college friend of Lilly, Marshall and Ted named Steve, but without Ted. Since Zoey has befriended Ted's friends, they become friends too. They grow closer and Zoey ends her marriage to George Van Smoot to start a relationship with Ted. The relationship ends when Ted pleads against maintaining the Arcadian Hotel during a hearing, while Zoey campaigns for it to be preserved. After the breakup, she wants to start a relationship with Ted again, but he doesn't. Your cousin Honey is mentioned.

Barney's relationships


Shannon (played by Katie Walder ) was Barney's first friend. Originally they had a common plan to join the Peace Corps and go to Nicaragua . However, Shannon Barney had left Greg, a typical business man, shortly before departure for her new friend. Badly hit, Barney decided to start a new life. He cut his hair, shaved off his beard and from then on always wore suits as well. In the first season, Barney receives a tape from Shannon that shows him crying and desperate. Barney sent her this tape shortly after their separation. Because of this, Barney later visits her to show her what has become of him. The two then have sex , which Barney confirms how great his life is. Shannon has a young son.


Wendy ( Charlene Amoia ) works as a waitress at MacLaren’s . After a one night stand with Barney, she believes they are together. Barney breaks up with her, which Wendy seems to take calmly. Since then, however, Barney has been particularly careful when he takes a drink from her because he is afraid that she is crazy and wants to poison him.


Barney meets Nora (played by Nazanin Boniadi ) in the middle of the sixth season. She is Robin's work colleague on World Wide News and has a steadfast relationship in mind. Barney pretends to just want to get her around, but has real feelings for her. After he reveals his intentions to her contrary to his usual tactics, she is horrified. At the end of the sixth season, Barney sees Nora again. He still seems to have feelings for her and asks her if he can call her. In the first episode of the seventh season, Robin helps Barney on the phone with Nora, in which he apologizes and asks her on a date. Barney does everything to win her over. A brief relationship between the two fails when Barney rediscovered his feelings for Robin.

Quinn Garvey

Barney meets Quinn ( Becki Newton ) while accompanying Ted on a date. Since Barney's normal pick-up attempts fail, he keeps thinking about her. Quinn works as a stripper at Lusty Leopard under the name "Karma", in which Barney is also a regular customer. After some back and forth, the two become a couple. At first it seems like the relationship is going well, in truth Barney begins to interfere with Quinn's work as a stripper. After a big argument, however, they reconcile and in the finale of the seventh season, Barney Quinn proposes marriage. In the course of the wedding preparations, however, the two realize that they do not trust each other and then separate. With Quinn now back to work, Barney is forced to find a new strip club .

Robin's relationships


Derek ( James Tupper ) is in a relationship with Robin at times in the first season. He owns over $ 100 million, but has little time for Robin for professional reasons, so she will soon leave him.


Robin gets to know and love Gael (played by Enrique Iglesias ) on her trip to Argentina. He is a masseur and impresses the gang - except for Ted. He believes Robin brought Gael with him only to process their breakup. A little later, Gael invites tourists to Robin's apartment who are completely wrong. Robin realizes that the relationship only works on vacation, not in New York, and leaves him.

Don Frank

Don Frank (played by Benjamin Koldyke ) is a work colleague of Robin. She has a relationship with him in the fifth season. This fails when Don takes a job in Chicago, which Robin previously canceled for his sake.

Kevin Venkataraghavan

Kevin ( Kal Penn ) becomes Robin's therapist in season seven. Despite the mockery of the gang, Robin meets with him. In the following time he influences Robin's clique through psychoanalysis and realizes that they are crazy. Kevin intends to marry Robin, but separates from her when she tells him that she cannot have children. Kevin later gets together with Jeanette , a former friend of Ted.

Lily's relationships


Scooter , actually Bill ( David Burtka ), was Lily's high school boyfriend. He is still madly in love with her and even tries to prevent her marriage to Marshall. He later falls in love with Lily's doppelganger when she becomes his new colleague. In real life, Burtka is married to Neil Patrick Harris, who played Barney Stinsons.




Ted had two very brief relationships with Natalie (played by Anne Dudek ). The first time they were briefly together, Ted broke up with her on her birthday via a message on her answering machine. Ted later decides to meet Natalie again and beg her forgiveness. After a brief hesitation, Natalie accepts his apology, whereupon they sleep together. After they meet again for a short time, Ted breaks up again on her birthday, whereupon Natalie freaks out and beats Ted up (Ted thought Krav Maga was a kind of yoga).


Trudy (played by Danica McKellar ) meets Ted while drunk at MacLaren’s . Later they sleep together. While Ted was talking to Robin the following day, Trudy escaped down the fire escape and initially broke off contact. Some time later the two meet again, whereupon Trudy and her friend Ted invite them to a threesome . However, Ted does not say whether this will happen.


Mary ( Erinn Bartlett ) is Ted's companion at Robin's awards ceremony because he wants to make Robin jealous. He comes to the date through Barney, since Barney and Mary live in the same house. Mary is a paralegal, but Ted thinks she is a prostitute and Barney is paying her. This leads to a chain of misunderstandings.


Amy (played by Mandy Moore ) meets Ted shortly after separating from Robin at MacLaren’s . He and Amy, along with Barney and Amy's girlfriend, drive to the house of Amy's previous employers. When they are thrown out of there, Ted decides to get a tattoo for Amy while intoxicated. The next morning he wakes up with an unwanted butterfly tattoo on his back. This is what Amy's ex-boyfriend tattooed him. The tattoo initially amused Ted's friends, but later Ted had it removed by Stella in ten hours of the session .

Stacey Gusar

Barney and Ted make a bet on who would sleep first with a randomly chosen woman. The random choice falls on Stacey ( Janet Varney ). At first, Ted seems to win. However, when Barney convinces him that he slept with Stacey a year ago, Ted finally backs off. Barney's claim turns out to be false - he just wanted to land with her himself. At the end of the episode, we learn that Stacy is seeing Barney, but after the disappointment with Ted, he wants to take it easy. Whether Barney wins the bet remains to be seen.

Blah blah

Bla Bla's real name is not known for a long time because old Ted (narrator) forgot it. She is portrayed by Abigail Spencer . First, Ted and Bla Bla want to fool their friends into believing they met at a cooking class. However, it later turns out that they met through the online game World of Warcraft . Since Bla Bla clashes with Robin and Lily and leaves the bar very aggressively, Ted doesn't meet her again. In the last season you get to know Bla Bla's name, namely Carol.


Ted goes on dates with Cathy (played by Lindsay Price ). When he wanted to introduce her to his friends, they immediately noticed while eating together that Cathy talked a lot, which Ted had never noticed before. When his friends point this out, Ted's illusion crumbles and he no longer meets with Cathy. When Ted meets her on the street some time later, they learn that Cathy is now in a relationship with a deaf man. But suddenly it also becomes clear to him how much Cathy talks.


In season five, Ted goes out with student Cindy (played by Rachel Bilson ). She has inferiority complexes because all the men around her fall in love with their roommate. But since Ted is a professor at her university, Cindy is afraid of losing her scholarship. In the end, she ends the relationship because Ted, in a certain way, begins to rave about the roommate: He is thrilled with the items in Cindy's apartment that belong to her roommate. There are hints that the roommate - of whom you can only briefly see a foot in the episode - is Ted's future wife. In the sixth season, Ted and Barney then want to conquer a woman in the bar who, as it turns out, has a same-sex relationship with Cindy. In season eight, Ted meets the two by chance on the subway and tells them about the band's current cancellation for Barney's and Robin's wedding. Then Cindy found him the band of her former roommate.


Ted met Carly ( Ashley Benson ) , who was just 20, in season eight. As it turns out, she is Barney's half-sister. Carly loves Star Wars and is into older men. Barney doesn't like the liaison between the two at all and he demands that they get married because they slept together. Ted and Carly are also supposed to promise never to sleep together again, both of which agree with a wink. However, they will not be discussed in the following episodes.

Jeanette Peterson

Ted meets Jeanette (played by Abby Elliott ) through a series of "coincidences" that soon turn out to be staged by Jeanette. She is a police officer by profession. Jeanette had fallen in love with Ted's picture on the cover of an architecture magazine and had stalked him ever since . Nevertheless, Ted enters into a relationship with her, which ends in chaos due to Jeanette's neuroses. She later begins a relationship with Robin's ex-fiancé Kevin .



Abby (played by Britney Spears ) is the nurse to Stella, whom Ted nearly marries in season three. Abby falls in love with Ted too. So it comes about that Abby goes out with Barney to make Ted jealous, and they end up in bed together. Barney leaves her after sex, as usual. Some time later, Abby tells several women in New York that Barney is only out for one thing.

Katy Perry (2011)

Honey (played by Katy Perry ) is the beautiful but extremely naive cousin of Zoey. Zoey introduces her to Ted with the intention of setting them up. But she doesn't succeed because Ted only has feelings for Zoey. Barney then goes home with Honey. Honey is the second woman, next to Bla Bla , whose name Ted cannot remember.


Karina ( Stacy Keibler ) is the second bartender at MacLarens that Barney thinks is hot. But she shows no interest in him because she has had too many bad experiences with suit types. Then Barney comes to the bar only in casual clothes until he finally lays them flat.

Anita Appleby

Anita Appleby (played by Jennifer Lopez ) is a writer. She meets Robin at her book launch. Anita tries to help Robin break Barney's self-esteem through the power of "no". Barney doesn't like the fact that he apparently can't end up with a woman and tries to persuade Anita to go on a "super date". In the end, he doesn't spend the date with Anita, but gives it to Robin (with Don).

Professor Lewis

Professor Lewis ( Jane Seymour ) is a professor from Marshall. Due to the fact that she always distributes grades according to her current emotional state, Barney wants to impress her with good sex so that Marshall's course gets good grades. When he only gets a three minus the first time, he tries again until he finally gets a two plus. In this attempt, however, Barney breaks his pelvis.


Barney slept with "Crazy" Meg ( April Bowlby ) in Lily and Marshall's future apartment. He pretends to be in love with her, which she replies. However, this is one of Barney's many scams for getting women around. He leaves her in the apartment after sex and never calls her again. Meg continues to believe in a future together with Barney and develops an obsession.



Simon (played by James van der Beek ) is Robin's first friend. He just takes advantage of it and then drops it because he wants to go back to his ex-girlfriend, whose parents now own a swimming pool. When she meets him again years later, exactly the same thing happens to her again. He is a member of the band "Four Skins", which does not celebrate any musical success.


Robin had only slept once with Mitch ( Adam Paul ). He made the "naked man": He stripped himself completely naked, which resulted in Robin sleeping with him. After that, Robin meets up with Mitch one more time to avoid being seen as a slut. Mitch says his trick works two out of three attempts. Enthusiastic about this method, Ted and Barney and even Lily also tried the "Naked Man", but only Ted and Lily were successful with it, while Barney was not, which exactly confirms the success rate of the scam given by Mitch. In the ninth season we learn that Mitch knew Ted's future wife and she was the one unsuccessful attempt by the "Naked Man".



Chloe (played by Morena Baccarin ) works at Costa Coffee. Marshall has a date with her during the time he is separated from Lily. This date takes place, but it is sabotaged by Lily, who is back in New York and hiding in the apartment. Because of this, Marshall and Lily talk on the stairs, whereupon they meet again. This is what the friends celebrate in the bar while completely forgetting about Chloe. When they come back to the apartment later, Chloe is still sitting there, but has already destroyed the apartment beforehand.

Friends of the gang

Jessica Glitter

Scherzinger plays Robin's teenage friend.

Jessica (played by Nicole Scherzinger ) is Robin's teenage friend. After Jessica's pregnancy, the two lose sight of each other, but later find each other again.


Stuart ( Matt Boren ) is friends with all of the main characters except Robin. In the middle of the first season he is about to marry his girlfriend Claudia. Due to his alcohol problem and various influences of the main characters, this wedding is in danger of collapsing. But this finally takes place, where Ted gets to know Victoria . Stuart later also participates in Marshall's bachelorette party . There he emphasizes again and again that his marriage is not going well. Nevertheless, they have a child. After Marshall's and Lily's wedding, Lily meets the couple on the street and falsely thanks them for a wedding present they actually got from Ted. Since Stuart and Claudia apparently did not give them anything for their wedding, they let Lily believe that the coffee machine she praised was theirs. So Marshall and Lily come to the conclusion that their best friend Ted hadn't given them anything for the wedding. Ted, in turn, thinks they didn't thank him for his gift. So they secretly blame each other until the middle of the ninth season when Stuart is urged to confess by Lily.

Claudia Grice

Claudia ( Virginia Williams ) is Stuart's wife and is also friends with Ted, Lily and Marshall. She is very upset and easily irritable. She almost canceled her wedding to Stuart because of Ted, who wanted to invite Robin, but hadn't told Claudia beforehand.


Brad (played by Joe Manganiello ) is a friend and former fellow student of Marshall. During the time when they are both separated from their partner, they do a lot together, such as going to an Alanis Morissette concert or having brunch together . But when Brad gets back together with his girlfriend Kara, most of their contact is broken off. He has a date with Robin in season five, but it is disturbed by the feelings of Robin and Barney. Brad is also invited to Marshall's bachelorette party, but spends little time there. In the eighth season he appears as an opposing lawyer in one of Marshall's cases, where he shamelessly exploited Marshall's good nature in the run-up to the trial to get information.


Ranjit Singh

Ranjit (played by Marshall Manesh ) is a taxi or limo driver who is repeatedly hired by Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin and Barney. He was born in Bangladesh. He always repeats driving instructions that are given to him in a monotonous manner, and when private conversations between the protagonists arise in his car, he usually interferes. He later earned money on the stock exchange and set up his own taxi company.


Carl ( Joe Nieves ) is the bartender at MacLaren’s and a friend of the group. He even leaves the bar to Ted and Barney for a night. Marshall thinks Carl is a vampire because he only works at night and serves them red drinks. He later takes over MacLaren's and runs it as a family business.


Yasmin ( Saba Homayoon ) is a Lebanese immigrant and has a relationship with Carl, the MacLaren’s bartender .

Rhonda French

Rhonda ( Stephanie Faracy ) is the neighbor and good friend of Barney's mother, Loretta. She deflowered Barney at the age of 23. She is also called "The Man Maker". She later has a sexual relationship with Barney again.


Carlos ( Jon Bernthal ) was there on the third evening of Ted's “3-day party for Robin”. Barney met a woman at the party who works for Carlos. Only on the third evening do you find out who this Carlos is.

Ellen Pierce

Ellen (portrayed by Camryn Manheim ) is the boss of the "most successful dating agency" Love Solutions and promises a 100 percent guarantee of success. In the first season, Ted visits the matchmaker. Ellen is devastated because she can't find a wife for Ted. Ted cheers her up and promises her that one day he will find the right woman.

Wrong Moby

The fake Moby (played by JP Manoux ) only appears in the first season of the New Year's Eve episode. That evening the gang drives through town with Ranjit and his limousine. Ted discovers the supposed Moby on the street and lets him get into the limo. It later turns out that the man isn't Moby at all, has a gun and is crazy.

Individual evidence

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