Else von Hollander-Lossow

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Else von Hollander-Lossow (born March 23, 1884 in Stralsund ; † unknown) was a German translator and narrator .

Else von Hollander-Lossow, b. Glawe, married Walter von Hollander in Quedlinburg in 1914. She came to Berlin early on , where she worked as a journalist and especially as a translator. She also wrote novels. In 1924 she married the writer and theater director Rudolf von Lossow for the second time .

We know translations from Swedish (for example by Ernst Didring and Astrid Lindgren ), Norwegian , Danish , English , Dutch ( Tschip by Willem Elsschot ) and French (for example works by Voltaire and Honoré de Balzac ).


  • The Immortal Queen (1933)
  • The prisoner of Celle (1935)
  • Richelieu's Wives and Enemies (1937)
  • Behind the laughing mask (1939)
  • Great King's Merchant (1941)
  • The magician von Weinsberg (1946)


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