Emanuele Fergola

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Emanuele Fergola (born October 20, 1830 in Naples , † April 5, 1915 ibid) was an Italian astronomer and mathematician who dealt with analysis .

He was the son of the general of the King of Naples and Sicily Gennaro Fergola (1793-1870). His relatives included the mathematician and physicist Nicola Fergola (1753–1824), the geodesist Francesco Fergola (1791–1845, brother of Nicola), the painter Salvatore Fergola (1799–1874) and his son, the painter Francesco Fergola (1821– 1894). He taught analysis at the Military Academy from 1860 and astronomy at the University of Naples from 1890 . At the same time he was director of the observatory on Capodimonte near Naples from 1890 until his retirement in 1910. From 1889 to 1891 he was rector of the university.

In 1869, together with Father Angelo Secchi, he determined the difference in length between Rome and Naples.

In 1876 he received the Mathematics Prize of the Accademia dei XL . 1900 to 1903 and 1906 to 1909 he was President of the Accademia Pontaniana in Naples. He was a member of the Accademia dei Lincei and a senator.

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